Mandala Adult Coloring Books – Color Your Stress Away (Part 1)

Mandala Adult Coloring BooksHey, my dear reader!

Today I will talk about mandala adult coloring books.

I am sure many of you know that coloring can help you to relieve stress and forget about your daily worries. Right?

Who doesn’t know that? And you, my fellow traveler, obviously know it or at least you try to find this valuable information.

Okay, okay, jokes aside. This is serious.

I am here to show you five amazing adult mandala coloring books that can help you with stress relief. I know that there are a lot of mandalas coloring books out there, but I hope that you will like the ones I suggest.

Let’s see! Are you ready to immerse yourself in a journey that is full of colors and new insights?

Oh, you are. Shall we begin?

Mandala Adult Coloring Books

Why did I choose mandalas coloring books?

It’s because mandala has the power to re-balance the energies of your body that can help you live happily in a perfect harmony.

Mandala Adult Coloring BooksMandalas have a meditative effect on the viewer, so that is why this kind of coloring pages are so popular. Who doesn’t want to relax coloring something that symbolizes harmony?

Coloring also stimulates creativity that is so needed if you want to reduce stress and find your purpose in life.

Coloring like meditation can connect you with yourself and the universe because everything else falls away even if just for a brief moment.

But you need this kind of moments to balance your life and see the surrounding beauty, and maybe next time stress and negative thoughts and feelings would have less effect on you.

Five Mandala Coloring Books

1. Adult coloring books: Mandala Magic a zen mandala coloring book

Mandala Adult Coloring BooksMy Ratings: 4,3 out of 5

Where To Buy:

Description: This coloring book is full of wonderful mandalas and stress relief patterns. Each mandala is printed on a black paper.

Coloring these 45 mandalas can help you to relax.


  • Bonus: 4 extra mandalas to download from their website
  • One-sided pages


  • One person didn’t like the black background because it sets it off if you use bright colors.

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2. Adult coloring books: mandala for a stress relieving experience

Mandala Adult Coloring BooksMy Ratings: 4,3 out of 5

Where To Buy:

Description: This mandala coloring book will offer you many hours of relaxation. Coloring can help you to restore your inner peace and express your creativity.

This book has 60 wonderful mandalas with a white background in every design.


  • It has different levels of difficulty (from simple to very intricate)
  • One-sided pages which you can cut off later and decorate your room


  • Some people complained about the quality (poor paper thickness, pictures are terribly pixelated)

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3. Adult Coloring Book – Mandala: 50 Mandalas Intricately Drawn for Full Immersion: Volume 1 (Mandala Therapy)

Mandala Adult Coloring BooksMy Ratings: 4,3 out of 5

Where To Buy:

Description: This coloring book has 50 beautifully drawn mandala designs with a variety of intricate details for adults.


  • Each mandala is printed on a single-sided paper, and you can cut off later and decorate your room.
  • It includes free PDF bonus


  • Some people complain about the paper quality and that the pictures were not complete

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4. Mandala coloring book for adults – Relax & Dream with beautiful Mandalas for Stress relief + BONUS 60 free Mandala coloring pages

Mandala Adult Coloring BooksMy Ratings: 4,5 out of 5

Where To Buy:

Description: This book consists of 40 beautiful mandalas for adults with different levels of difficulty. It is suitable for beginners and advanced.


  • It has a bonus – 60 free mandala designs to print
  • The coloring pictures with different levels of difficulty are large and easy to color
  • Pictures are printed on one side
  • You can use crayons or pencils


  • I didn’t find any complaints about this book

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5. Mandala Coloring Book: 100 IMPRESSIVE MANDALAS Adult Coloring BooK ( Vol. 1)

Mandala Adult Coloring BooksMy Ratings: 4,6 out of 5

Where To Buy:

Description: This incredible adult coloring book is Amazon bestseller and one of the best gift ideas in 2017. It is the perfect way to relieve stress, relax by enjoying beautiful, detailed images.


  • You can use any of your favorite tools (colored pencils, fine-tipped markers or pens)
  • It’s a perfect gift for someone special in your life
  • One image per page


  • Some people complain about quality of paper and images

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Final Thoughts

Mandala Adult Coloring BooksColoring books for adults can help you to relax, unwind and relieve stress and anxiety. This activity can let you forget about your worries and be in the present moment as you should always be.

These five mandala adult coloring books are great tools for you to relax and let go of worries and stress that sometimes attack you like a neverending storm.

But strangely people complained about the quality of these books. However, there will always be people who complain about things. Right?

So you need to decide for yourself. Can coloring help you with stress relief? What do you think about these coloring books? Maybe you know some mandala coloring book that you like so much. Let me know below!

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