For me, creativity is a big and important part of my life, basically, it is me. I am sure that neither I nor you could live without it. Maybe you even ask what I am really talking about and what is a creative activity. Actually, it is everything that comes through your creative power (everybody has it) and it doesn’t matter how your creativity manifests in your life. All that is really important is how that makes you feel. Creativity is a part of you, it is you. Even if you sometimes put that aside and never think about it or really appreciate it. Maybe you ask what is creative activity

Lost or not?

Creativity- what is a creative activity

Creativity feels lost when you are stressed and worried about your job, your everyday’s problems. How do you feel if I would say that it is not true, not fully true at least? The thing is that creative activities could help you overcome stress, reduce it and by engaging in them you would feel more peaceful. Who doesn’t want that? Deep inside peace is something we all are striving for. Right?


Creative activity is a great way to reduce stress naturally and it is so much fun to do so. You may even ask:”How? How creativity reduces stress?” Actually, I think you know the answer.

Let’s think about it. When you are doing something you enjoy that requires focus, concentration, your mind lets go of things, worries and at that time you are really in the present moment and free of stress. It is your vacation from life that is full of routine, stressors, troubles, but the thing is that in this moment you are truly living. 

Creative activities that can help you

  • Painting, drawing or coloring
  • Writing (journal, diary, stories etc.)
  • Modelling
  • Music
  • Others

What kind of creative activities do you enjoy? Feel free to write me comments, questions or suggestions below.

Going to paint my life,


Founder of How To Reduce Stress Naturally

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