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Does Nature Reduce StressAre you tired, tensed and stressed? Are you tried everything to manage your anxiety and stress which is attacking you from every corner? Obviously, you need help.

Who is better to help you than Mother Nature? Of course, you want to ask: “Does nature reduce stress? Does nature can really help me?” Who doesn’t want to know that?

Speaking from my experience, I would say yes, but please don’t just take my word for it. Hear other people opinions and experience for yourself. It doesn’t take much, just go outside and see.

Actually, I think you already know that nature reduces stress, but I am not talking about natural remedies which can help to treat stress. This isn’t a story about that. We too often somehow forget simple and easily understandable and known things. We all need a reminder from time to time and looking at this theme with fresh eyes is exciting. I am sure you would remember old things and get to know new ones. Maybe it is a little bit different perception than you use to know.

Let’s begin and see! 

Can Nature Help Me? Does Nature Reduce Stress?

Does Nature Reduce StressYes…

I am sure you know how much damage humans can do to their own planet. But you also could say that planet Earth is our mother in more ways than one.

Of course, she can help you and she will. You just need to let her. Mother helps her children even if they are acting out. You are part of her – you are nature too.

For me, she is my planetary mother, Mother Nature, planet Earth, Gaia… She has many names. But the most important thing is that nature can help you with stress relief. If you use her soothing presence, you will feel restored. 

In my opinion, planet Earth is a living entity. It is not only belief. According to the scientific hypothesis called Gaia theory by James Lovelock, planet Earth is a self-regulating complex system. All organic and inorganic elements are connected together. So we, human beings, are strongly connected with the Earth, nature which could bring us peace and help to let go of everyday stress.

Please, don’t criticize this theory, it is a beautiful one and a very interesting concept. Even if someone thinks that it is just a fantasy, you need something interesting to wonder about and forget about anxiety and stressors. Right?

Interesting Studies

As stress becomes bigger and bigger issue of nowadays life and you usually don’t know people who can say that they are free of stress, researchers do a lot of studies related to nature and how it changes the mood of people. 

The impact of nature on your wellbeing is an interesting area to explore. There are studies that prove how big is nature’s influence on you and your health. In one survey 95 % of people who were interviewed said that after spending time outside in nature they become more balanced and peaceful, they weren’t stressed and anxious any more. 

Many people use nature to relax and let go, to reduce stress and calm themselves. Possibly they even get new ideas, become more energetic and ready to work. Researchers discovered that about 66 % of people choose a natural setting to rest and let go of stress. Are you one of them?

One study has found that a single plant in a room is important for your health because plants have a great impact on stress. It is amazing that you need just one plant to benefit from it. 

If it doesn’t show you how nature heals, then I don’t know what could. 

Being in nature Does Nature Reduce Stress

Just being in nature is enough to bring your stress levels down. Walk in the nearest forest or park, sit on the grass and listen to the sounds of nature. Hug a tree and breathe fresh air into your lungs. What can be more wonderful?

Appreciate the beauty of nature around you. Even if you don’t acknowledge it, nature still calms you down, reduces the stress you are feeling and heals your mind.  

It is so beautiful being there and feeling the wind blowing through your hair, right? How amazing do you feel when you allow yourself to relax and let Mother Nature show you her wonders? 


Nature can help you with stress management. Go outside, walk in the park and see how much better that makes you feel. Many people are sure that nature is a great stress reliever as studies have shown. Maybe you are one of them.

If you never tried to use nature as a stress reliever, you can do this right now.

What do you think? I would love to know how nature helps you to relax and reduce stress. How amazing do you feel after an entertaining day in nature? Let me know below! I will answer as soon as I can. 

Return here soon if you want to know more about how nature can help you to reduce stress. 

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Linda Mo

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  1. hi Linda, a great and very passionate article. Thank you for this. I also do believe that nature reduce stress. Just think about it, Why do we want to take a vacation and enjoy the beach, enjoy new sceneries, enjoy the mountains? It’s all because we want to rejuvinate. We want to relax. This is what seeing nature and feeling them brings to our well-being. As a nature lover, I agree with everything. It’s also a good and refreshing reminder on something that seems obvious, yet we always miss out to contextualize, which you amazingly did. Thanks for this.

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, JR!
      Thank you for your amazing comment! It is so nice that you like it and agree with everything. This article is passionate because I really love nature, our beautiful Earth. I think I can write more articles about how does nature reduce stress because being in nature is really great for stress relief.

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