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How Can Art Relieve StressI published many posts about how art and creative activities can help with stress relief. But still sometimes I wonder how can art relieve stress and how can I use it for my benefit and help myself to feel more peace and balance in my life. If you are here you ask the same question.

Stress can destroy my life. It can destroy yours, and more or less we all are in the same boat because stress is constant in our lives, and sometimes we can’t escape from it even if we try.

But I think that creative activities and art may be the solution to our problems. Of course, there are many other ways to relieve stress, but sometimes you need something different to do and old tricks don’t always work.

Today I will talk about how can art relieve stress for you. Here will be my story about how art helped me and the things that I am planning to do. How would I like to use art to relieve stress in my own life?

How Can Art Relieve Stress?

How Can Art Relieve StressDo I need to convince you that art can help you to let go of everyday stress and even smile more, be happier? Do I? I think it’s clear that engaging in creative activities is an amazing way to relieve stress and stimulate the brain.

In fact, it’s very simple how art can help you to relieve stress. When you concentrate on something, everything else falls away. In this case, stress lets go you, and you feel peace and joy.

If you are feeling happy and full of joy, enjoying what you are doing, stress is nowhere to be seen. Right? This is the way how art helps you.

Creating art is a journey, self-discovery, and mediation. You all know that meditation itself is a great way to reduce stress and find more balance in life.

Creativity is something that is opposite to stress. What is art if not a product of creativity? Yours. Mine… It’s creation, and it doesn’t matter big or small.

1. Enjoy looking at art

Release Stress By DrawingI always smile when I look at my drawings or paintings, and they are great reminders to enjoy the moment, every day I have.

I remember the joy and freedom that I felt when I created my paintings. Their vivid and beautiful colors make me calm and full of wonder.

2. Painting as a meditation

Painting for me is more than just a creative activity.

When I paint, I am in the present moment forgetting about all my worries. It’s like a meditation. I feel so alive and free like a bird in the sky.

It’s one of the best ways to reduce stress and find myself again. Painting is like a rebirth and remembering who I am.

3. Drawing

How Can Art Relieve StressSometimes when I feel stressed or worried, I draw out my emotions and get lost in a moment. It’s not like I draw something bad or dark, I just love to play with colors and shapes. In fact, I don’t remember that I really did put all my negative emotions on the piece of paper. Maybe I never felt too bad to do that, but if it helps, try it.

When you draw or paint is like opening a new world full of many possibilities and free of everyday stress and worry.

Relieve your stress by drawing and maybe it can become your new habit, that will bring you positive emotions and more opportunities to enjoy life.

4. Coloring

I don’t have a lot of experience with coloring, but I am planning to use coloring as a technique to reduce stress and worry that I am feeling from time to time. I already bought two beautiful adult coloring books, and I am eager to color their beautiful pictures.

Oh, are you saying that coloring isn’t art? In some ways it is art. At least, coloring can be a part of art therapy, and I know that some people will disagree. But I don’t care. Do you? If it helps you and me to feel much better afterward, why not do it.

You can color and make beautiful pieces of art. Each picture will be different and seem like art. We don’t need any labels or rule that will tell us what is right or wrong. It doesn’t matter.

5. Zentangle Art

Another creative way that I want to try for stress reduction is zentangle drawing. It seems interesting and fun activity.

If you want to know more about this method, CHECK HERE and read my article.


How Can Art Relieve StressArt not only can relieve stress you experience, but it is also great for your mental health and well-being.

I wouldn’t be here talking to you if not for reading books, art, creative activities, and meditation. These things more or less saved my life, my sanity.

I will always be grateful that I found the ways how to deal with my anxiety and stress. Of course, I know that we all are different, and maybe art and creative activities can’t help you. But at least I encourage you to try. Believe me, you have nothing to lose.

What do you think? Does art relieve stress for you? I would love to read your opinion. Let me know below!

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Use art to relieve your stress! Thank you for reading!

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