How Nature Reduces Stress – Easy Tips For Stress Relief

How Nature Reduces StressDo you want to know how nature reduces stress? Do you wanna know some easy tips for stress relief?

Nature is a great way to relieve stress. What can you do in nature which could bring your stress levels down and give you a little bit more peace in this stressful world?  

How Nature Reduce Stress?

Here are my 5 easy tips for stress relief. 

1. Put a plant in your room

The beauty of nature is soothing to me and many people so it is very important not only to go outside and be in nature but to put a part of nature in your home or workplace. Keeping plants in your home is a great way to lower stress levels and anxiety. Do you want to feel more relaxed and happy?

Put a plant in your room and you would be less stressed, tensed, and anxious. Research has done in schools and offices shows how important is to have plants in your life and that is not the only study that explores plant impact on stress. For example, a study made by Washington State University found out that with plants in the lab, people were less stressed and more productive.

I wasn’t stressed when I realized that I need to grow a plant in my room. I chose a simple Christmas cactus. I am not sure if right now I feel calmer than before. However, I just like watching it grow and bloom, and that gives me joy. In fact, I think I feel more happy and relaxed. After reading these studies, I am convinced that this was a good idea. How about you? Maybe you never thought about it before. At least, I wasn’t.

2. Hug a tree 

How Nature Reduces StressAncient belief in my country is that if you have a headache, then go and hug a tree. Trees can help you with pain and I am sure that the same thing happens for stress and anxiety relief.

They are natural healers and amazing beings and I love them. Maybe it sounds strange to you. But when there are no trees around me, I feel stressed.  

It is so important what you believe in and everything depends on it. You usually can’t benefit from the things you don’t believe in.

For example, if you don’t believe that tree can help you with stress relief, then it will not happen to you. The human mind is too powerful. But somehow it is clear that trees can recharge you with positive energy and boost your mood. At least it happens to me.  

I am sure that I am not the only one thinking that trees are great for stress relief. Many more people feel that way. I usually don’t hug a tree, I feel better even looking at them. Then I feel more peaceful, relaxed, and less stressed. How about you? Have you ever tried it? 

3. Walking in a forest or parkHow Nature Reduces Stress

People are convinced that walking as an exercise is good for stress relief. Yes, I agree. If you are not living in a big city, go for it. But if you live there, then go for a walk in the nearest park or forest. That will give you much more peace and make you more relaxed and free of stress. Then you could return to work or home, being more ready for tense situations, unresolved tasks, conference calls, or waiting customers. 

For me, walking is a really excellent way to reduce stress and clear my head. The environment where I live is green and peaceful even if it is a city (not a big one), so I go for a walk there and feel the benefits of it. I also have a nice park near my home.

Walking is a very relaxing thing to do when I feel stressed and anxious, not sure about what to do next and thinking about my future projects.

If you want walking use as a stress reliever, choose natural settings such as forests, arboretums, or parks. The beauty of nature and listening to sounds of nature are beneficial to your mind as a study shows. Walking through a natural setting is better for your mind than a break walk in your town’s busy street. I can’t even imagine going for a walk in the streets in my country’s capital, it would be too overwhelming for me and, of course, that can’t help me with stress relief.

Nature offers a more reliable energy boost to your well-being than everything else. Why not use it for your benefit?

4. Being near the sea

How Nature Reduces StressWhen my mom feels depleted and stressed, she goes for a walk near the sea. For her, the sea gives energy and my mom can manage stress better and easier. Maybe it can help you too.

Walking and enjoying the beauty of nature always is good, but the sea views can do wonders for your mind. Just try! I am sure you would feel better.

5. Looking at photos of nature

It is amazing that just looking at photos of nature is better for your mind than walking through a busy urban street as many studies show. Try it!


How nature reduces stress? In this article, you saw 5 examples, 5 tips to reduce stress by choosing nature, natural settings. Try them and you would see how your mood changes for the better and how more relaxed you feel. You can ease and lower your stress levels, feel less anxious if you use these tips. I speak from my experience and I can promise you that. 🙂

Go for it! You deserve to feel more like yourself. When you are stressed, you can’t be yourself. Let nature return to your natural peaceful and relaxed state! Let it reduce the stress you have!

Are you using these tips to reduce stress? What else are you doing in natural settings that can help with stress relief? Let me know below!

If you are looking for more information on how nature reduces stress,  CLICK HERE.

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 Be more in nature!

Linda Mo

Founder of How To Reduce Stress Naturally


  1. This is a nice article!

    As someone whose philosophy and beliefs can be pretty much categorised as Pagan/ Wiccan, I totally agree with your observations about the healing power of nature. I love trees and have been known to talk with them and hug them on many occasions. It is tremendously soothing and relaxing and definitely helps to restore one’s balance.

    I also love the water. Well, watching it anyway. I unfortunately had a bad experience when I was about 6 or so, where I nearly drowned. After that, I never learned how to swim and spent many years being nervous to be in water above the the mid-chest level. Despite that, I can spend hours watching and listening to the waves, and just being near the water helps me feel more relaxed.

    There was an article I read several months ago about “the Japanese Practice of Forest Bathing” which is essentially all about spending time amoung trees.It has been proven to reduce stress and blood pressure, while boosting the immune system and providing a general sense of well-being.

    It’s sad that we have lost contact with the earth and the elements. I know that people are rediscovering the benefits of nature in growing numbers, but we never should have lost that knowledge in the first place. Nature’s decline has matched our own. I hope that as we strive to restore the environment, people will also reclaim their connection with nature and the divine energy it possesses.

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Craig! Thank you!
      It could seem that way. But why we really need to categorize something? 🙂
      Amazing to hear. Being in nature is great and can help to restore our energy, changes our mood for the better and, of course, reduce stress.
      I could talk a lot about trees, they always help me to relax. I also read about “forest bathing” and it is very interesting.
      I am happy to hear that people rediscover the benefits of nature and try to connect with nature. Sadly, people lost connection to nature and knowledge about healing properties of nature. Hopefully, we will find our way back and it is slowly happening.
      Thank you for your interesting and great comment!

  2. The sea is definitely a stress reliever for me. The sea breeze instantly refreshes one’s mind and the sound of the waves washing onto the beach has a calming effect on me. I have heard of forest bathing recently and its something i wanted to try. Nothing beats being close to nature.

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Wendy! Thank you for your comment! Nothing could be better than being in nature. It is amazing how nature calms me down and gives strength to go on and let go 0f stress. The sea is definitely a stress reliever for me too, but I don’t live near the sea. I love forests and I also heard of forest bathing. Maybe I even going to write an article about it.

  3. hi Linda, thanks for this well thought of article =) I really admire your passion with nature. Actually, I already have one of your examples here. I have a plant in our living room. This was actually inspired by my dad who always thought us that having a plant inside our house makes the house a peaceful one. Also, when I was still back home in Manila, one of my ways to unwind is to go to the beach or go up in the mountains, simply put, just being one with nature. Thanks again for this Linda. I am looking forward in reading your articles. =)

    • Linda Mo

      Thank you for your comment! Thanks! What can I say, I love nature. I didn’t have any plants in my flat for a long time, but now I have. My home feels more peaceful and cozy. 🙂
      Being in nature is great. I think I need to do that more. It seems like that I am writing about it, but not using my own advice as much as I want.
      I am glad that you love nature too.

  4. Lovely post Linda.
    This is a super important factor in anyone’s life to be out in nature and reconnect with the earth.
    I’m lucky to live near a beautiful forest walking track but also still be close to the city for work. I find when times are stressful, I just hit the trails and relief come naturally.
    I also found it was an integral part of overcoming an anxiety disorder which I had.

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Vince!
      Thank you! Glad to hear it. I am also living in a great place – city, river, forests – all around me.
      I have problems with my anxiety too. Surely, nature helps with stress and anxiety relief.
      Thank you for your comment!

  5. Manika- Nia Dixon

    Hi there, I love all of the methods that you mention here and specifically love placing nature in the home/work, hugging a tree and being by the ocean. One of my favorite ways to enjoy my home is with a beautiful plant that is alive and bountiful and beautifully green. It really does give me so much peace and makes me feel like my surroundings are all the more beautiful. Trees are my most cherished things on the entire planet so hugging them is a yesyes always in my book. Being close to those life- givers are what makes for a beautiful day to me. I lived by the ocean when I lived in Ibiza, Spain and also currently where I am in Thailand and cannot express enough how serene it is when my partner and I walk along the ocean. Great list, thanks.

  6. Franklin

    Hello, I liked very much your article and have found some similarities on the way we relief stress through nature.
    One powerful way of relieving stress in Mindfulness, do you know it. Here is a post of me about the theme:
    If you want you can read it and comment it.
    Peace and Success!

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Franklin
      Thank you for your comment! Yes, of course, I know that being in the present moment is very important and can relieve stress.
      I read it, interesting and useful article. Thanks!

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