How To Know If You Are Stressed? Really?!

How To Know If You Are StressedHi, my dear friend! How are you feeling today? How to know if you are stressed? Are you ready to read another blog post? 

I think this article will be strange or weird, and I am not sure why is that. Maybe because I chose a little bit strange title. Are there people who don’t know if they are stressed? For real? At least, one person? Maybe you?  Okay, okay. Let’s begin!

How To Know If You Are Stressed?

How To Know If You Are StressedI believe you can look at this topic from a different side. People always have different opinions, sides, and points, and I don’t think, that there are only one truth or right answer. Do you? Living your life is more interesting if you enjoy your unique perspective and don’t copy anyone else.

So how can you know that you are stressed? And maybe it’s something different than stress. What is the answer?

You are stressed when you feel under pressure or overwhelmed but remember that you need to think about stress management because it can become worse. Chronic stress causes many illnesses, and it can lead to mental problems like depression.

Usually, you will know when you are stress because you can’t miss this kind of feeling. Sadly or not but you need to know it if you want to live happily, be healthy and reduce stress. What kind of happiness can it be if you are constantly feeling stressed? Right? So you need to understand this and act accordingly. 

When Are You Feeling Stressed? Tips?

How To Know If You Are StressedI can give you many useful tips right now but that this blog post will become a long one. You can find many stress relief tips on my blog. In fact, my website is dedicated to helping you to reduce stress, and I would be honored if you stick around and return here from time to time.

Do you know how many times I wanted to talk to somebody other than my mom about my constant stress and anxiety that struck me like a never-ending storm? I believe you wanted to talk to somebody too and find useful tips that you didn’t think about before or just forget.

Okay, okay. I can give you some tips that I find most useful. But what is good for me isn’t always good for you! Remember that and let’s roll! 

Stress Relief Tips

1. Meditation and being in the present moment. It helped me amazingly but you need to understand that this is no quick fix, and sometimes it takes time. Some people find hard to meditate, and maybe you are one of them. Just go slow! Don’t be afraid to try! If you want, you can read my article about meditation. If letting your thoughts go away doesn’t work, you can use guided meditation, and it’s possible that this way of meditation is best for you. 

2. Creative activities are a fun way to relieve stress and start to feel great very soon. I don’t know about you, but it works for me with astonishing results. It’s like a magic pill for me, but that is a story from another book. 

How To Know If You Are Stressed3. Walks in nature. I believe there is no need to explain more. Right? Or do you want it? I can write many articles about how nature can help you with stress relief. In fact, I already published three article here about that, and if you want you can read them. There isn’t a need for me to repeat myself. Is there?

4. Reading a book is one of my favorite ways to reduce the stress that I am feeling from time to time. You don’t need to read for a long time to see the results and feel much better than before. If you are interested, you can check my article about reading. Does reading reduce stress? For me, it does. 

Final Thoughts

How To Know If You Are Stressed

I hope you find this article useful for you in some way. 

I would appreciate some comments because I would love to read your thoughts. You can leave them below, my friend, and I will answer to you as soon as possible.

You know that this is a conversation and not only my monologue. 🙂 Yes, I like to talk, but I also enjoy listening to others.

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Linda Mo

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