How To Reduce Stress Naturally? – My 5 amazing tips that help millions

How To Reduce Stress Naturally - Stressful JobAs you know nowadays life is very stressful and stress affects everyone. Almost no one is immune to it. Are you? From time to time you ask (me too): “How to reduce stress naturally?” You are looking for some amazing tips that can help you with stress relief. It is so important to reduce stress the right way without using medication and bad and unhealthy habits that can make things worse.

I am happy to introduce my 5 amazing and unique stress relief tips that are my favorite ones and helped me in stressful situations and moments in the past and still do. It is almost sure that they can help you too if you choose to try. Of course, you need to understand that each person is different and maybe tips that helped one person wouldn’t work for another. Let’s begin!


How To Reduce Stress Naturally - Reading booksHow to reduce stress naturally with your favorite book? Do you really think that reading a book reduces stress?

For me it is true, and I don’t even need to read some research. I knew that a long time ago. Sometimes I even think what could have happened to me if I didn’t escape from my life into a fantasy world from time to time. 

Reading books is an activity I absolutely love and enjoy from a young age especially fiction (fantasy, sci-fi the most). In school-age reading was the number one thing to reduce stress maybe even the first one I knowingly used for that purpose. 

When I start to read a book from the first page, I enter a new literary world full of fantasy and wonder. 

Reading for me is a pleasure and self-discovery and, of course, stress relief. There are even studies about it. A 2009 study shows that reading can help you to reduce stress, and it calms your mind.

Actually, for that to work you don’t need to read for a long period of time. Reading works faster and better than other methods of relaxation. You only need to read for just 6 minutes and in that way, you reduce your stress levels by up to 68 %. Amazing. Right? This is because you are concentrating on reading. 

Do you read? Take a good book and find a nice spot to read! Let yourself sail away into the imaginary world!


I don’t know about you, but for me, creative activities help a lot, I don’t even know how could I live if I would not use it and not be aware of it.

One of my passions is writing (Actually, I could say that about all stress relief tips in this post) and really a great stress reliever. When I write all my problems fall away and even stress knows that he needs to stop bothering me. 🙂 What freedom to make your own worlds! Of course, I write a diary too but that is just not the only thing that I do. Writing for me is much, much more.  How To Reduce Stress Naturally - My Notebooks

I love to write stories and novels even if they never will get finished and published. Freedom and harmony are all that matter to me.

When I write, I forget about my negative thoughts and feelings, anxiety, worries, fears, and, of course, stress is the king of it all.

Maybe you will say that stress is still lurking in the background waiting for me to lose focus on creating these new worlds I am so obsessed with. Obviously. But for that moment, sometimes even hours stressful thoughts don’t belong to me.

There was even a time when I said to people that poem writing is my prayer and meditation. Putting my thoughts, emotions, and feelings on paper through journaling or poem writing is healing and that is not just for me, but for many others out there and could help you too.

Many people keep journals or diaries, and they write things there that bother them, reducing their stress as some studies have proven. Do you wanna try? Why shouldn’t you?


A very important creative activity for me is painting. When I take my brush with paint and touch the canvas, everything falls away.  Then it is just me, my imagination, and the process called painting.

I never learned to paint with acrylic colors on canvas, but I always wanted to do. Actually, I dreamt about it a lot. I thought that maybe.. some day… And that day came.

One day in 2014 I said to myself: “I am doing it right now” and I bought my first canvas, paints, and brushes. I started. 

When I paint, I smile, I feel only positive emotions, and I create. There is no place for stress or anxiety. How To Reduce Stress Naturally - My Painting

I am not the only one that thinks about painting as a stress reliever. Some studies show that making art reduces stress, and it is not important how good you are at it.

So I encourage you to try this and, please, don’t think that you can’t or you have no talent. Everybody can. You just need to want.


Meditation is another amazing tool to let go of stress. There are a lot of different types of meditation. As I read once people who daily meditate have their own meditation technique that is unique to them. There is no right way or the wrong one. 

I enjoy meditation with relaxing music in the background and it makes me calm and full of unknown energy. Do you wanna try? 


Not so long ago I didn’t fully understand how really important walking is for stress release. For us, human beings, is very necessary to connect with nature, because we are part of it, right? Just plain walking in nature is good exercise and can do wonders for your body and mind, releasing stress.

It is so easy to do… I always get new energy and become more positive when I go for a walk. I love long walks in nature and stress doesn’t bother me at these secret times. What about you? Do you walk often?

Let’s go for a walk, my fellow citizens of Earth!


Imagine your lifeI gave you 5 amazing and unique tips on how to reduce stress naturally: reading, writing, painting, meditation, walking, and nature.

What do you think? Will you try these? Which one of these is your favorite?  If you want to write your comments or questions, you can do that below this post in the comment section. I would love to hear from you and discuss these amazing tips I am so passionate about.

Dear readers, right now I am very proud to say that I finished my longest post here until now. 🙂 Hurra! Congratulations, you read it all, and now you know my five amazing tips that help millions to reduce stress naturally! I hope you enjoyed this article and it is helpful to you because that is the purpose of this post.

Don’t forget to comment below and return here soon, because I have so much to say. Very interesting and useful stuff is waiting for you.

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  1. Louise

    Thanks for some great tips. You’re right, it is very hard to stay immune from stress, especially in the fast-paced world of today! I often think it would be nice to live a really simple life with no technology….

    What an interesting fact that you only have to read for 6 minutes and stress levels can be reduced by up to 68%! I presume this is novels only and not the daily news for example?!

    I do a lot of yoga and find that helps. Also playing the piano never fails to improve my mood 🙂


    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Louise!

      Thank you for your comment! Yes, my mom sometimes says that she would love to live in a time where carriages used as transportation. 🙂

      I also never knew before that I just need to read for 6 minutes and stress levels are lowered by up to 68 % and it is interesting indeed. Of course, not news. Daily news nowadays is very hard to read especially for a person who is very emotional and sensitive like me. In my opinion, reading news is very stressful. Lately, I avoid them.

      Yes, exercises are also great for stress relief, especially yoga (many people say that. Maybe I need to try it some day…)

      Music is a nice way to reduce stress too. My brother after a hard day at work plays guitar and it is helping him to reduce stress and become calmer.

  2. Sharon Whyte

    Hi Linda,
    what great tips on stress. I find writing is a good one for me, to get everything out on paper. I never thought of reading to be stress relieving however it is great to get lost in a book from time to time.

    A nice walk is always great. I at times talk to my inner self. Tell myself I feel great and to relax etc. It is a mindset. Great tips and thanks heaps for sharing!

    Cheers, Sharon

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Sharon!

      Thank you for your comment! Do you use meditation for stress relief? Actually, walking and talking to your inner self is meditation too. Nice to know you like it.

  3. Norman

    Hello and thanks for sharing, stress is said to be the number one killer, stress can really cause the body to breakdown and the thing is there are so many people that have stress. Your post is great and very easy to read. These tips are so great to relive stress and your readers will love what you are saying.

    • Linda Mo

      Thank you! You made my day better! 🙂 Actually, I don’t know what to say about your amazing comment. So what are your tips for stress relief? Are you using some of these?

  4. Josh

    Couldn’t agree more about this list. I admit I like to walk to my local park and take a book to read.
    I don’t paint, but I do like art. I wrote this article for my ex-girlfriend.
    Instead of art, I like to listen/ play music. These 2 activities really reduce my stress and anxiety levels. Even if it’s a heavy-metal song, I feel more relaxed.

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Josh!
      Thank you for your comment! It is really nice that there are people like you who read. One person said to me that for him reading a book is stressful. Different people, different opinions, I guess. It is more interesting to live if we are so different from each other.
      I will read it. 🙂
      Yes, music also can be great for stress relief and it doesn’t matter what kind of music it is as long as it helps.

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Helen!
      Thank you for your comment. Yes, I agree it is a global issue.
      Maybe your articles could inspire me. 🙂

  5. Adrian

    I would agree that is best to reduce naturally without taking medication, I do like all your tips and though I may not have tried them all, I don’t doubt that they work.

    I do like to read as it does help you to relax and take your mind off things and just immerse yourself in the book you’re reading, it’s very helpful in reducing stress.

    The other thing that I like to do to reduce stress is to exercise, I run three times a week and I find that is a great way to reduce stress,

    There’s nothing like getting outside in the fresh air and go for a run, it’s quite invigorating, it helps to melt away the stress and you feel good when you finish.

    This is a good post, thanks for the tips.

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Adrian! Thanks for reading! Thank you for your great comment! 🙂

      These tips work, but maybe not for all people.

      Try something new!

      Yes, I will need to write post about exercise. For me, walking is the best exercise possible.

      Thank you again! 🙂 Have a good day!

  6. Hi Linda,

    Thanks so much for these tips. As much as I hate to say it, I can’t seem to find the stress relief in reading unfortunately (maybe that’s because I’m an engineer and a large portion of my stress stems from reading technical documentation all day long).

    However, the rest of this list (minus painting for me, I am terribly non-artistic) is right on point! I use writing as an outlet quite often and meditation and the outdoorsman lifestyle go hand in hand for me.

    Any time I am feeling stressed or bottled up I just get outdoors, go on a long hike, hit the top of a mountain and then the meditation phase kicks in!

    Thanks so much for sharing, maybe I’ll try finger painting as 5 year old me was at least good at that.


    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Dalton!
      I see. We all are different. Maybe you can try to read fiction, some interesting novel.
      I am glad you like it. Meditation and writing is a great stress reliever and often they are connected. You can always try. 🙂
      Thank you!

  7. Xaric

    For me, meditation, writing, and exercising are the top 3 ways to relieve stress.

    I loved your point on meditation being different for every individual, cause it is actually true.

    In the future, I will follow your advice and start painting as well. When I was younger I used to paint my favorite cartoon characters pretty accurately.

    Maybe it is time to give this another try 🙂


    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Xaric

      For me, the best exercise is walking so I wrote about that. It looks like I need to write an article about exercising (so many people mentioned that).

      Thanks! There were time when I said to my mom that the meditation I was doing is not real mediation and that I don’t know how to really meditate. I was wrong, because there isn’t the right way or the wrong one. I am glad you agree.

      Nice! 🙂 I hope you will try and especially if you have some talent. Of course, in this case talent is not so important, but creative activity is. Let me know how this will work out! 🙂

      Thank you!

  8. Kate

    Hey! This is really great. I really love just going on a big walk to mull things over and having a chat to someone I trust. It feels good just to talk it out. The problem doesn’t seem so bad that way for some reason.

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Kate!
      You are absolutely right, walking is a great way to reduce stress. Sometimes we are exaggerating things and they are not so bad as it seems.
      Thank you for your comment!

  9. Excellent tips! I love doing meditation and being near nature. Night times I would usually meditate a few minutes with my son before sleeping and this is a great way to wind down and relax after a day of rush and hustle. Sometimes we organize trips to the beach and just chill out and we always feel better after that.

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Moon! Thanks! Great to hear that. Meditation and nature are great for stress relief. Sometimes I even go for a walk and meditate at the same time. It is my “walking meditation”. All my worries or stressors go away at that moment. I think that meditation is my main stress reliever.

  10. Samone

    This is great information, i particularly love the section about walking. I think this is something that i will try to incorporate in my families weekly ventures. We do meditate and try to connect spiritually but i think we also need to connect with nature and motherearth. Thanks for this insight and eye opening piece.

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Simone! Thanks for commenting! I hope you will retunr here in the future. It’s great to read that you liked my article. Walking is great way to relax, let go of your stress and worries. It’s amazing if you can do it together with your family. If you want you can read my articles about nature, and it was fun to write about it. We all need to connect with nature. Thanks!

  11. Rob S.

    Stress is a killer. I have to say that these are excellent choices for relieving stress.
    I write all the time to relax. I also love music and do both at the same time.
    I read a lot too because I learn and it takes me away from the stress.
    But my favorite is walking in nature. The beach, the mountains, anywhere is the most relaxing thing to do.

    • Hi, Rob! Thanks! These are my favorite ways to reduce stress, and I am glad that you agree. 🙂

      Lately, music helps me to relax. Nature always gives me a new energy.

      Thanks for your comment!

  12. Cathy

    Hi there Linda, I have never been a huge fan for meditation and have the tendency of wandering off in my thoughts instead of focusing on something during the session. I am willing to give this a try again just to see if it can help me relax a little prior to bedtime.

    Besides using musics, what other aids do you think I can use to accompany me during the process? Thanks.

    • Hi, Cathy! Thank you for your comment!

      I think we all have a problem with thoughts. Maybe you can try a guided meditation

      Light a candle and find a comfortable (special) place to meditate. Don’t use any electrical devices (tv, phone, computer etc.) at least an hour before meditation. 

      Don’t eat too much. Maybe you can read a book before your meditation session. 

      Relax! Have a great meditation session, Cathy!


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