Nature For Stress Relief – New Stories of Healing

Nature For Stress Relief

Nature For Stress Relief is the second part of my first post about nature. I have too much to say about this theme, so here I am again. Welcome to the second part of the article! 🙂

Nature has many benefits that can boost both your physical and mental well-being. One of the benefits of nature is the stress relief, and this article is about that. 

It is a story about the connection to nature. How could nature heal you from stress? Here are the new stories of healing.

 1. Forest Therapy

A 2014 study shows that stressful states can be relieved by forest therapy, called forest bathing. Many people use the forest as medicine in Japan. I am certain they will do that in the future. Why shouldn’t you do that too? 

Trees are amazing, and the forest is wonderful even a magical place to be. It gives so much and let us relax and de-stress from everyday worries and stressors. I also need to use the forest as my medicine for stress and anxiety relief. They sometimes show at my doorstep and want to go into my life.

Nature For Stress ReliefWhat can be more beautiful than being in a quiet atmosphere with great scenery? How amazing is breath in the clean, fresh air? 

When you go to the forest, you breathe in phytoncides (wood essential oils) and other substances that are good for your health. Forest trips are similar to natural aromatherapy. 

It seems strange to me that forest as a medicine is used mainly in Japan. Dear people, please tell me why forest bathing is great stress management activity in Japan, but nowhere else in the world is recognized like that?

Forests are magnificent in many places in the world. I know that people love forests in my country and they go and pick mushrooms in the fall. But going to a forest for stress relief isn’t popular, at least I never hear it.

After reading one article recently, I was glad to hear that more and more people in other countries go to forest for healing, they relax and let go of stress. It is still not as much as in Japan, but the movement has begun.

2. Do You Know How Important Is Green Urban Environment?

Nature For Stress ReliefSometimes people don’t understand how important is green urban environment – street trees, parks, and urban forests. Nature needs to be part of the cities, not just buildings. We all are coming from nature and, for our well-being, green spaces and trees are necessary even if some of us may don’t understand that.

When some years ago I wrote my master’s thesis, then I found many studies about urban trees and how essential they are. One of the social benefits of urban trees is that they reduce stress levels. Did you know that? Do you know that healthy street trees foster the psychological well-being of people?

A 2014 study researched the influence of urban green environments on stress relief. This study shows that the green urban environment helps people cope with everyday stress. Did you know that even short-term visits to urban nature areas have positive effects on stress relief? I am sure you suspected. Isn’t it amazing? Nature and natural setting heal us from stress for sure and give us energy.

3. Sea Views

Nature For Stress ReliefDid you know that sea views can help in stress relief? Researchers from New Zealand found out that the sea view is the best medicine for stress relief. They discovered that people who live close to the sea have lower stress levels than those who have contact with green spaces. 

Researchers explained that these results are like that because the view of green (interfere buildings, other man-made structures) is never 100% natural but the blue sea is. 

Interesting study, right? However, I think it couldn’t be true for all places. 


It is clear that nature can boost your mood and help with stress relief. It helps us recover from life’s challenges. You can’t deny that. Sea views, forest therapy, urban green environment – what can be better than surround us with nature? Invite nature into your homes, cities, and hearts! Go outside and be yourself! See the beauty whenever you go! 

Are you using nature for stress relief? How nature help you with stress relief? What do you think about forest therapy? I want to hear your stories.  Please, write your comments, suggestions or questions below. I will reply as soon as I can. 

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Until next time!

Linda Mo

Founder of How To Reduce Stress Naturally


  1. I totally agree with you that nature reduces our stress levels. I moved from the city to the country a few years ago to heal from huge emotional trauma. It has helped me tremendously. I love the concept of forest bathing, thanks for a great article!

  2. Hi Linda, another fantastic article. I remember few years ago when I was doing a reality show, my whole crew, around 400 of us, lived in a secluded island with forest and sea greeting us day in and day out for roughly 4 months. Though the work was gruelling, it is only now that I realized after reading your article. that part of the reason we all “survived” the isolation, probably was the healing effects of being amidst with nature. I remember having this feeling of tranquility after all the day’s work. For me, particularly, it is the sea breeze and the sound of waves that made me feel better. Again, thanks for this brilliant article and I am looking forward reading more. Thanks =)

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, JR, thank you for sharing your experience, your story. Sea breeze and the sound of waves always help feel better and more peaceful.
      Thank you for your amazing comment!

  3. Great post Linda,

    I live with an ocean view and have forests and parks around me. So blessed and really love walking along the beach and National Parks here (Gold Coast, Australia) You can feel the energy. Being a meditator helps too.

    My daughter and I are heading to Japan in December so will definitely look up some Forest Therapy!

    It is hard to be depressed or down when you live where we live. Keep up the great posts Linda 🙂


    • Linda Mo

      Thanks! I am glad you like it. I also live in a great place with forests, parks, nature around me.
      Nice. Have a great trip! But I think that if you have forests around you, you can do the forest therapy there. 🙂
      I agree. Thanks!

  4. Hi Linda, and thank you for such a relaxing article! I truly believe in the power of nature. It’s amazing the results one can receive. Like Japan, the forests are our friend. I’ve always known that nature walks and things were wonderfully. What I didn’t know was that about breathing in phytoncides. That lone is interesting enough to read up on! Thanks so much, once again, for a peaceful, relaxing post. :o)

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Paula! I am glad you like it, and it was relaxing for you. 🙂
      We always learn something new or forgotten.
      Thank you for your great comment!

  5. I love this article and I’m so glad you shared it. As for sea views – I live near the ocean, and I was just saying to my partner the other day – there’s something about the air at the beach. Breathing it in, it’s like it recharges you on some level that can’t be seen yet can’t be denied. And the blue of the water against the sky is always such a calming colour. Nature has a lot to offer us if we can turn off our devices and get outside and lose ourselves in the moment and our surroundings.
    We have rainforests near us, and it’s the same kind of feeling you get at the beach, though different in a way. I love breathing in the air deeply both at the beach and rainforest, I hadn’t really given much conscious thought to actively doing that when I feel the need till reading this. Nature certainly has a lot to offer!

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Angela!
      I am glad you like my article! Thank you for your comment!
      Wonderful! You live in a great place. Enjoy it! 🙂
      It is amazing to read that you love nature so much.

  6. I go for a walk around the park and I do not thing about anything and pay atention to the colours of the flowers and the branch of the trees moving with the air, tha color of the sky an the form of the clouds. I feel my feet moving with each step and my lungs breathing. It is very relaxing to have a time like that. Paying attention to the present moment is great. Great article !!

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