What is a Stress Ball? – Squeeze Your Stress Away

What Is A Stress Ball

Hi, everyone! Today I will talk about stress relief toys. Do you know, what is a stress ball? I believe that stress ball is the most popular stress relief toy for adults. What do you think? Let’s begin! What is a Stress Ball? A stress ball is a small toy that usually not more than … [Read more…]

What Is The Best Adult Coloring Book? – Reviews And More

What Is The Best Adult Coloring Book

Hi, everyone! How are you? Today’s topic is adult coloring books. What are the benefits of coloring? What is the best adult coloring book? Can coloring help you to relieve stress? I think we all know how popular are adult color books right now, sometimes it seems, that people are obsessed with them. This trend … [Read more…]

Does Art Reduce Stress? 10 Ways To De-Stress By Being Creative

Does Art Reduce Stress

Hi, everyone! How are you today? This is a new article about art and stress relief as promised. Does art reduce stress? What is your opinion? People struggle with stress every day, and they may never think that creative activities can be the answer to their problem. On this article, I will explain why art … [Read more…]

Relieve Stress By Drawing – Draw Your Stress Away

Relieve Stress By Drawing

Hi, everyone! My dear reader, how are you feeling? Is stress attacking you and destroying your peace? Do you want to change it today? Right now?  Of course, you do. So I introduce to you a great method on how to relieve stress. Do you ever consider that drawing or painting can be a good way to … [Read more…]

Stress Relief Toys For Adults – Reviews (Part 2)

Stress Relief Toys For Adults

Hi, everyone! Welcome to the part 2 of my review about stress relief toys for adults. You can read part 1 here. Let me introduce you to new four stress relief toys! 🙂 1. Tangles “Tangle Therapy Relax” Toy My Rating: 9,3 out of 10 Description: This toy consists of 20 interconnected twistable pieces. Each piece is covered … [Read more…]