Spirituality and Stress Relief – Reduce Stress By Finding Yourself

Spirituality and StressSpirituality and stress relief? Recently when I was preparing to write another article and doing research on the internet, I crossed paths with the concept of spirituality and stress.

How are they connected? At that time, I decided to write about stress connection to spirituality. So I am here – fully ready to explore this topic with you.

I don’t ask if you are ready because I know you are. Why? It is because you are reading this article right now.

So let’s begin! Firstly, you need to know…

What is Spirituality

Did you ever suspect that spirituality has twenty-seven explicit definitions? This the reason why it’s so difficult to study spirituality systematically. But I think this aspect makes this more interesting and exciting. Don’t you agree?

Spirituality isn’t connected to a specific belief system or religion. It is much more than that. It is a freedom to be yourself, to connect with yourself, and in this way to make connections to others and the whole world. The universe.

There is nothing better than this feeling of connection to everything and everyone around you and at the same time with yourself.

Spirituality is a searching for the meaning of life, your purpose and value system.

What do I love about spirituality? It is different for everyone. Maybe I can even say that for me spirituality is a lifestyle, and it’s everywhere I go.

Spirituality for me takes many forms. It’s in my meditations and prayers. It is a walk in nature. Spirituality can be found in nature. It’s me. It’s in the process of painting. It’s my mom’s smile and brother laughs. Oh, yes. It’s hard to explain, my friend, but I hope you understood the meaning.

Stress and Spirituality

Spirituality and StressSo what is stress in spiritual terms? It seems that stress is the distraction that keeps you from knowing yourself, your soul.

What does this mean? It looks like stress does spiritual damage before it does any physical harm to your body.

What can be worse than not knowing yourself? If stress jeopardizes this, it does more harm than anything else can.

Even without stress many of us don’t know ourselves, and then when stress comes, it becomes even worse.

It is good to use meditation because studies not only reported it’s ability to reduce blood pressure but also induce gene expression changes.

Meditation reverses the effects that stress has on the body and rebalances you.

Spirituality and Stress Relief

Spirituality and StressHow can spirituality help with stress relief? I believe many of you don’t know how spirituality can help in this case, but if you think about it, you can come up with few examples at least.

Spirituality has many benefits for stress relief, and you need to understand that it can help you be happier and enjoy life more.

1. Release control. When you see the bigger picture and feel part of the universe, you may understand that everything in your life happens for a reason. But you don’t need to think about why something happens the way it does, because everything is for the best. It is part of a plan that maybe you are behind it but just don’t remember. If you understand and accept it, you can let go and release control to the universe.

2. Feel a sense of purpose. What is the most meaningful in your life? If you can find an answer to this question, you can eliminate stress by focusing on important things and avoid being engaged in worrying about things that are unimportant.

Spirituality and Stress3. Better able to cope with stress. Do you consider yourself spiritual?

If you consider yourself spiritual,  you are not only able to better cope with stress but also experience health benefits.

4. Connection to the world.

If you feel you have a purpose and understand the connection to the world, you will not feel lonely. You can find an inner peace that will help in the stressful times.

According to mayoclinic.org, you can enhance stress management skills by exploring your spirituality.

How to incorporate spiritual management practice into your life?

Do you know? Okay, I will give you some examples.


Spirituality and StressSpirituality can help you to deal with stress better, and I am sure you will enjoy the journey, if you will decide to go this path. As you know already, spiritual practice has many benefits, and it will help you with stress relief if you are willing.

So what spirituality means to you? Do you have a spiritual practice? What do you think about spirituality and stress relief? Let me know below!


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Linda Mo

Founder of How To Reduce Stress Naturally


  1. Great article Linda. I love the way you explain spirituality and I never new there were 27 definitions. The world would be a better place if everyone found their definition of spirituality.

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