Stress Relief Gifts For Coworkers – 5 Gifts For Zen-like Atmosphere

Stress Relief Gifts For CoworkersWhat are the best stress relief gifts for coworkers?

When you need to think about gifts to your coworkers, you don’t always think about gifts, things that can promote good vibes to the office and workplace. But maybe it’s time to think about it.

How much time do you and your coworkers spend at work and office? Why not bring there something that can make the atmosphere more comfortable, promote good vibes, and a zen-like feeling to your workplace.

Then it’s much easier to work and be more peaceful saying goodbye to your stress-filled days. Of course, I am not saying that it will happen like magic, but that can be better than it is right now. Right?

I am sure your colleges, co-workers would be happy to receive something that creates more peace and harmony in their office.

If you are looking for stress relief toys for coworkers, you are at the right place.

Here are five great stress relief gifts for you that your colleges would love. Choose what you like the best.

Stress Relief Gifts For Coworkers

1. ICNBUYS Zen Garden

Stress Relief Gifts For CoworkersMy Rating: 4,5 out of 5

Best Place to Buy: CHECK THE PRICE and BUY HERE

Product Dimensions: 11.8 x 9.4 x 0.4 inches (24 x 24 x 2 cm)

Includes: sand, meditation statue, rock, rake, Japanese censer and the wood base

Description: This product meets your image of what a Zen Garden is and helps you find more inner peace in your daily life and relieve stress. I am sure your coworkers would love to have them at home or the office. You can choose from different types. You can create your own landscape with various objects and original dedicate designs.


  • High quality and various choices, original attractive decorations to make your own garden
  • Relieves stress and stimulates creativity


Couldn’t find any complaints

2. ZMI Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy with Stainless Steel Ball for Intelligence Development and Stress Relief

Stress Relief Gifts For Coworkers

My Rating: 4,8 out of 5

Best Place to Buy: CHECK THE PRICE and BUY HERE

Description: This magnetic sculpture desk toy has 171 stainless steel balls of different sizes and a magnetic base.

You can build a wide variety of shapes. This toy can help with hand-eye coordination, visual and other capacity-building. It’s a creative desk toy for you to develop intelligence, patience, creativeness, and reduce stress.


  • It’s good for the office
  • This toy is great for intellectual development and stress relief
  • Portable for traveling


  • Easy to scatter and lose the balls
  • Not as pictured

3. 6-Minute Diary

Stress Relief Gifts For CoworkersMy Rating: 4,8 out of 5

Best Place to Buy: CHECK THE PRICE and BUY HERE

Description: This simple and effective tool will make positive changes in your and your coworkers’ lives.

Happiness is a choice, a question of your attitude and thought patterns so you can choose and make your well-being your personal project.

The 6-Minute Diary helps you to focus on what went well in your life and how you can improve it. It is more than just a diary because this notebook contains practical tips, techniques, implementation strategies, studies, real-life examples, ideas, reflections, and much more.


  • Eco-friendly, high-quality material
  • Much more than just a diary
  • It is a perfect present for everyone that makes people think about the good things in their lives
  • Very inspiring and revealing experience


  • One customer complained that it lacks sections to write more general notes and comments about the day

4. VicTsing Aroma Diffuser 300ML

Stress Relief Gifts For CoworkersMy Rating: 4,9 out of 5

Best Place to Buy: CHECK THE PRICE and BUY HERE

Includes: Ultrasonic Humidifier, Adapter, and User Manual

Product Dimensions: 6.6* 6.6*6.6*5.75in

Description: This essential oil diffuser has adopted ultrasonic technology that turns water and essential oils into an ultra-fine mist to refresh the air. It has a unique wood grain design, 7 colors smoothing night light, timer settings. This product can be used as a humidifier, aromatherapy diffuser, air purifier, or night light.

BPA-Free, approved by GE, FCC and the power adapter is certified with CE and ROHS.


  • Perfect gift for the office, study, bedroom, living room, yoga, baby room etc.
  • Safe and eco-friendly
  • 45 days money-back guarantee and 24-month worry-free warranty.
  • Free UK delivery


  • One customer complained that it broke by day 2, and it is not as effective at humidifying as it claims

5. Inspirational Motivational Prints

Stress Relief Gifts For CoworkersMy Rating: 4,6 out of 5

Best Place to Buy: CHECK THE PRICE and BUY HERE

Description: The inspirational print “You are braver than you think” will brighten up your home or office. It is handmade and framed on warp-free 18 mm pinewood lightweight frame with the canvas stretched over and around the frame. It is manufactured in the UK.


  • It is a hand-made and beautifully done print that you can hang in your office
  • Free UK delivery


Couldn’t find any complaints

Final Thoughts

Did you like these stress relief gifts for coworkers that I chose? I hope you find the perfect gift for your coworker or for yourself. These items can promote a zen-like atmosphere in your workplace and make your coworkers happier.

What do you think about these gifts? Let me know below!

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Linda Mo

Founder of How To Reduce Stress Naturally


  1. Melissa

    Stress relief gifts for your co-workers, that is a great idea. Work can be very stressful so giving something to others to help them relieve stress at one of the most stressful places is smart. I like the Zen garden, it is so small and peaceful and it would be great sitting on your desk. I also like the diary because writing out your stress is a great way to get relief. This list is great, thanks for the great ideas!

    • Hi, Melissa! I think so too. 🙂
      A workplace is a very stressful place indeed. I hope these stress relief gifts can help to relieve stress and balance daily lives. It’s important that our coworkers be less stressed because then we will be less stressed too.
      Thanks! Thanks for your comment!

  2. What a great thought, taking items that I usually have at home to the office and share as gifts. I had never thought about this before, we can all use a little stress relief at work. Thanks for sharing!

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Irene!
      Thanks! I think it is a good idea. Too often people are very stressful at work.
      Thank you for your comment! 🙂

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