The Myths About Stress – 5 Things Revealed

The Myths About StressSo the myths about stress… There are many myths about stress, but we think that they are true.

This kind of thinking doesn’t let us live truly happy lives. It destroys our health, impacts our well-being and peace. We need to do something about it. That is why you are here. Right?

Sadly, nowadays we often suffer from stress and anxiety, and we don’t even know if what we know about stress is true or not. But we need to know. Why?

If you want to reduce stress, you need be aware of the myths that surround stress, because when you understand something only then you can change it.

This understanding can be a solution to your problem, and too often stress is just in our heads, our minds, in our thoughts.

What kind of myths about stress there are? Here are five myths about stress.

The Myths About Stress

1. Stress is always bad

I am sure many of you think about stress being something bad (me too), and usually you would be right.

This constant, chronic stress that you experience in your life can’t be good for your health, well-being, and relationships. It slowly destroys everything that you hold dear.

But remember, there is also positive stress that is short-term and motivate you to be more productive. Oh, I hear you arguing! Yes, I know some sources claim the fact that some stress can be good for you is a popular myth and untrue. In my opinion, there sometimes can be good, positive stress in our lives. I felt this kind of stress in my life too, and it was short-term and motivating.

The Myths About Stress

You need to think about stress management because sometimes short-term stress can become chronic one and make you ill. Research has proven that stress contributes to 75 % to 90 % of medical conditions so either way, you need to be careful when you are dealing with stress.

2. Stress isn’t a big deal

I don’t remember a time when I didn’t feel stress or anxiety, but I never thought about it as something that isn’t a big deal. It was and sometimes still is.

But I think that too often people don’t quite understand how big of a deal is stress.

Every moment of frustration you have about something in your life is stress, and it can affect you badly.

Stress is a silent killer.

The Myths About Stress

Don’t ever consider avoiding doing things that can bring down your stress levels! You need to relax! You need to rest and see what you can do about your life to experience less stress.

3. Stress is inevitable

What do you think? I know it isn’t easy to live life without stress, and I can say that it seems a little impossible to me. But at the same time, I want to believe that I and everybody else are wrong, and we can live our lives without feeling stressed. We just can’t imagine it. Can you?

The thing we need to remember is that our emotions come from our beliefs and if we change them, we can get rid of stress for good.

If you would think differently, you won’t experience stress in your life. But changing your belief system isn’t something easy to do, and that requires a different approach.

The Myths About Stress

4. Stress comes from your circumstances

It’s not true. In fact, stress comes from your thoughts about circumstances and your reaction to the situation.

5. The most popular methods for reducing stress are the best ones

Of course, no. What help you with stress relief may not help me, so it’s only logical to think that every person has their own way to deal with stress and their methods are the best ones for them. Nobody can say other ways.

We all are different and unique in our ways, and it’s impossible to think that some magical methods would solve all our problems with stress. We react differently to the same stressful situation.

The Myths About Stress

There are times when we are experiencing stress, and it feels like nothing is working, so that is where I come in, and many stress management books may literary even save your life. Sometimes you just need to try different methods for stress relieve and see what is working.


The Myths About StressIt’s important to understand these five myths about stress if you want to manage your life better and be happy. There are different opinions about stress and what is true or not.

This article represented my understanding of stress myths, however other people might disagree with me. But at least, I hope this post brings you something to think about, to better understand yourself, stress and life.

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Linda Mo

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  1. Melissa

    These myths about stress are so true. I think we are programmed to believe that we have no control over our situations and that it is our situations that cause us to feel the way we do but when in reality we are the one making the choice to react in the way we do. I agree that if we changed our way of thinking it will be possible to eliminate stress, it would be hard but not impossible. Great list, it puts stress in a whole new light.

    • Yes. Sadly, we are programmed to believe many things that aren’t true. Stress is just one of them.
      I know that I still have problems with stress, and it isn’t always so easy to let go and relieve tension. Of course, it’s better than before, but still, sometimes I struggle with stress.
      Our thinking is essential, and it helps us to be free of stress and feel happy. I hope someday we all will understand this fact.

      I hope this list can help people to understand that stress doesn’t need to be part of their lives. Thank you for your comment, Melissa!

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