What Is Evite? – Powerful Tool For Planning Stress

Planning and stress. What is the planning stress? What is Evite? How can it help you with planning stress? Is Evite a powerful tool for planning stress? Do you want to read a review about it?Planning Stress

Stress is everywhere and even our holidays are ruined by stress and anxiety that we are feeling organizing celebrations and thinking about presents for our loved ones.

Is everything will be enough? What we could cook for dinner? Is everybody enjoys food or activities? What about invites to our parties? How can we all manage that? There are many questions that are stressful for us and make us worried.

Don’t worry, dear readers I may have a solution for you and it can help you to solve at least one of your problems. Believe me, I know how difficult can be planning and thinking about everyone and everything.

At the end of this article, you will know the answer, but somehow I am sure that you already know it, but it would be more interesting to follow this plan and to see for sure where this rabbit hole will end. Will we meet Alice from Wonderland? Maybe. Who knows? Life is full of surprises.

I can plan very well, I think, but still, I have some problems when it comes to planning for holidays when my family comes together and old problems may resurface. Of course, it not so bad, but still, I always feel so nervous when Christmas is coming closer and closer. How about you, my dear reader?


What is Planning Stress?

Before we go further, we need to know what is planning stress. Why planning may be difficult for some people and overall?

Your AgendaIt is a stress that is related to planning. I am sure that for many people planning isn’t something easy and it can cause a lot of stress if you need to plan a wedding or some holidays.

You need to think about a lot of things, too many things and it is exhausting and tiring. Especially, if you need to do too many things at once.

Your job and family, home commitments are still there and you also need to plan for a holiday. You can never know how it will be at the end and maybe you are doing everything wrong that can make your perfect that a disaster. Who wants that? That is one of the many reasons why planning is very stressful.

How can you plan something when you are stressed?

Startup PlanningThere is one research that shows something very interesting, but maybe something very clear that know before very well.

Stress can cause lapses in planning. It is very difficult to plan something when you are exhausted and stressed from everything that going on around you.

Did you know that resolve in personal stress is important for maintaining self-control? only this way you can make good decisions for the future. According to research, the ability to plan is directly disrupted by failures in self-control that stress induces.

When we experience stressful situations at work, we may be more reluctant to plan our future, to think about it. Stress is something that uses up the cognitive reserves that we need if we want to effectively plan ahead. Sometimes you just can be too tired to put in the mental efforts that are needed for planning ahead.

At the same time Planning could be your Answer if you want a Stress Free Life

Planning and ClockIt is strange. Right? If you are too stressed, you are bad at planning, but at the same time planning is vital for a stress-free life and your well-being.

I think the planning helped me to cope with my anxiety in the past and it still helps me in times of stress. I am sure planning can make you more productive. Sometimes we need a little planning to decrease our stress levels and feel better.

1. Creating a plan can help you to work out what needs to be done. This way you have a little structure of your life.

2. Planning creates a balanced life what is needed if we want to live a less stressful life.

3. Planning helps to focus your mind and you see the bigger picture. This way you can understand what you want to do it or don’t want it. It is very helpful in reducing stress.

What Is Evite? Your Perfect Tool For Planning Stress?

It is a social-planning website for sending, creating and managing online invitations. Evite is a free, advertisement-supported service that was launched in 1998.

In my opinion, this service can be an amazing, perfect tool for times when you are experiencing planning stress. When you are planning your ideal holiday, best party or dream wedding, Evite can be something that you desperately need to stay sane and save the day.

My Rating: 4,9 out of 5

How does it work? For example, you as an event organizer create an online invitation through the website and later you enter e-mail addresses of guests you want to invite and the Evite sends e-mail invitations to your guests.

There are four categories: “Not yet replied”, “Attending”, “Not Attending” and “Maybe”. This is very helpful, because you can know which ones plan to attend and who doesn’t. That makes the planning and preparations easier and more simple.


  • Easy to use, great features and functionality and best value for money.
  • An automatic reminder e-mail in the days prior to the event can be sent to your guests.
  • You can see if your invited guests have viewed the invitation or not.
  • You can even turn your event into a fundraiser for charity and track in real time how much money was raised.
  • You can choose different styles (settings, layout, color etc.) for your invitations


  • Some people criticize Evite. For example, A. Hoffman said that Evite had great potential, but it hadn’t improved for six years.
  • You can lose time looking at all the different options Evite provides. Various options can be overwhelming for some people.
  • It may show too many ads when you are using the software (free app).
  • Sometimes invitations send via Evite can end up into spam folders. It is unclear how much this is related to email services or Evite’s logarithm.



Final Thoughts

Nowadays life can be very stressful and we need to manage our stress levels if we want to be happy, healthy and succeed. Planning is something that can help you manage your stress levels, and at the same time, it is difficult to plan if you are exhausted and stressed. Why not embraced it, if you could become less stressed as a result of planning?

Planning itself can also be very stressful, because it isn’t easy to juggle so many responsibilities and you can even become worried about a lot of things. Maybe other people will think, that your party is lame or something will destroy your perfect holidays or an ideal wedding.

This why I offered you a great solution for some of your problems that involves planning. Evite is an amazing website that will help you with your planning, invitations and make everything less stressful. Your health and wellbeing are the most important things, because without them nothing else is really worth it.

Do you experience planning stress? What do you think about Evite? Did you use it before? Are you planning to do it? Let me know below!


Thank you! Until next time!

Linda Mo

Founder of How To Reduce Stress Naturally

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