What Is Oregano Tea? – For Relaxation and Sleep

Hello everyone! Do you have any idea what is Oregano tea and how it can help with relaxation and stress relief?

How to make Oregano tea? What is Oregano good for? We answer all these questions, don’t worry. The short answer would be, it is great for relaxation, sleep, and stress management.

Stress and anxiety are everywhere these days, even yesterday when I talked with my best friend I became so worried and stressed and full of anxiety about life and game situations (some time ago I started playing some browser game that became part of my life).

Maybe if I would not have cared so much I would have been better, but I do care about what is happening with us and relations in the game we are playing. I am sure you are feeling similar in situations in our lives.

So yeah stress and anxiety are everywhere even in situations that supposed to be relaxing. At those kinds of times everything that can reduce your stress and anxiety can be really helpful so today we will talk about an amazing plant that can be used in tea and help to relax and sleep better and that way reduce your stress.

What Is Oregano Tea?

Oregano tea is a tea made from the Oregano plant (leaves and flowers). You can grow Oregano plant yourself in your garden or buy Oregano plant tea in the shop or market.

It is a great immune system booster and amazing remedy for better sleep and relaxation 🙂

1. LIFETONE Oregano tea

My Rating: 4,5 out of 5

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Description: This tea brand offers a great taste of a full leaf green tea with refreshing tropical flavors. This product consists of 20 individually wrapped teabags of tropical Oregano tea.

It is processed directly from the carefully harvested Oregano leaves and dried at low temperature and after that milled. Oregano tea is a great immune system booster and a good immune system can help you deal with stress and fight stress caused illnesses.

Ingredients: 100% Natural Oregano from Sri Lanka


  • High- quality and caffeine-free
  • ISO Standard Certified (100% natural ingredients)
  • This company has an enterprise model which shares 4% of revenue among all staff


  • Couldn’t find any complaints about this product

2. Zane Hellas Greek Oregano Herb Dried Leaves. Probably The Best Oregano Herb

My Rating: 4,5 out of 5

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Description: This product contains physically dried Oregano herb leaves that come directly from Greece. There is a belief that Greek Oregano is the best Oregano in the world.

It has a strong aroma and high oil content for potent flavor.

Ingredients: 100% Greek Oregano herb dried leaves


  • High-quality Oregano and doesn’t contain GMO
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • You can use this product for cooking or herbal teas
  • It has authentic flavor (strong, archetypal Oregano flavor)
  • Oregano herb leaves are traditionally gathered and use minimal mechanization (traditional tools)
  • Physically dried in a natural environment
  • Airless eco packaging


  • One customer said that he was expecting a different taste and he has had better Oregano from Supermarket’s own brand.

3. 100g Organic Oregano by Stay Fresh Organics – Certified By Soil Association – Resealable Pouch

My Rating: 4,5 out of 5

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Description: This product contains 100g dried Oregano that is certified organic by the Soil Association. Oregano has grown on an organic farm and is sealed in an eco-friendly pouch that is made from renewable resources and helps to stay fresh for a longer time.

It can be used for cooking and also relaxing Oregano tea.

Ingredients: Organic Dried Oregano


  • It is pure and organic (certified organic by the Soil Association)
  • Doesn’t contain GMOs and any additives such as acids, sugars, colorants,  or preservatives.
  • Non-irradiated 
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • This product is heat-sealed in an eco-friendly pouch that is made from renewable resources.


  • Couldn’t find any complaints

How to Make Oregano Tea

How To Make Oregano TeaThis depends on your situation. If you buy Oregano tea in the shop or market, it is different than you you are growing Oregano in your garden. You can buy nice Oregano tea online or in shops and usually it will be written on the package on how to make Oregano tea. If you buy Oregano plant leaves and flowers in the market, then most likely the one who is selling them to you will explain how to do it.

The best way to do it is to grow the Oregano plant in your garden yourself. If you want to use the Oregano plant for cooking, then you need to remember to harvest the plant before even flowers start growing, because then Oregano leaves have a stronger taste.

If you are growing Oregano for tea, then you need to harvest them when they are flowering. It has so amazing smell when it is flowering and a lot of bees around these plants at that time.

What Is Oregano good for?

What Is Oregano TeaThe Oregano plant is used for cooking. For example, it is used when you are cooking pizza. This plant is really popular in Italy and they are using it for cooking pizza.

The oregano plant is also used for making tea for relaxation, better sleep, and stress relief. I love Oregano tea and really make me feel better and more relaxed and it is especially great to drink before sleep.

It is great for relaxation and stress relief so this is why there are Oregano supplements that you can buy and use to improve your daily life and well-being.

Final Thoughts

If you didn’t know before, now you know what is Oregano tea, how to make Oregano tea, and what is Oregano good for. Oregano is an amazing plant that can be used to help you and improve your well-being.

What Is Oregano TeaRemember that Oregano tea is great for relaxation and sleep. Oregano tea is really helpful especially these days when stress is everywhere and even a little bit of relaxation with a nice cup of tea can be all that is needed for you to get back in track. What do you think about this post? What do you think about these Oregano tea bags which are mentioned above? Let me know below!


Have a nice day!

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