What Is Spring Stress?- How to Deal With It?

Spring and Relaxing TimeWhat is spring stress? Spring is here, at least in the Northern Hemisphere.

This is why it is time to explore spring stress and how it shows up in our lives.

Stress is part of our lives and stress can be helpful too for our development and productivity. But chronic stress is what we need to worry about and make sure that we know how to deal with it.

Spring is an amazing time to begin new projects and new ideas and it is also a new start. Gardening also starts in springtime and new growth shows up with sprouts, new leaves, and blossoms.

New spring may bring stress to you and this is why it is important to learn and know how to deal with it. Let’s explore that!

What Is Spring Stress?

Spring stress is tension or pressure placed on a spring. At the time of spring, there are different things to worry about and be stressed about. It could be even gardening or working loads that might be more at this time.

Before I didn’t even know there is a thing called Spring stress, but I shouldn’t be surprised. At this time there is a different type of stress than in winter so we need to act accordingly and make sure we take care of ourselves.

I am talking about springtime stress on humans but seems I didn’t think of spring in mechanical terms. English is my second language. Still, a lot of things to learn 🙂 Either way, it is just another excuse to talk about the stress that we all deal with these days.


Interestingly, factors that affect spring (image on the right side) stress also apply to us, humans.

For me, it seems interesting to see a comparison where stress in humans is compared to the mechanical world. 

There are three main factors that play a role in the stress we face using terms from the mechanical world. The same terms work for humans.

1) Spring Index. It means how we are, and how flexible we have learned to become.

2) Working Loads. It is how much we take on, our projects, and schedules, basically the things we need to do.

3) Environment. This means people around us and how encouraging or toxic they are. People around us are important and almost all of us need to deal with people who aren’t encouraging to us.

Remember if we deal with stressful situations correctly and take care of ourselves, that makes us stronger and more capable. Basically the same can be said for springs. 

More About…

Girl Enjoys Spring on GrassIt could be one or more things that make us stressed in spring. I also feel more pressure at this time, because I have more things to do and worry about.

For example, I would like to make my garden more beautiful with more flowers this summer and spring is the time when we need to do the main planning and planting.

I wouldn’t even start with pressure from other things at this time like my family or work-related issues. The problem is usually when all this comes together and many things demand our attention and we need to work on them now, not tomorrow or the other day.

How to Deal With Spring Stress?

The most important thing is to make sure we deal with stress properly, do things timely, and, of course, rest and relax. If we do those things we will be less stressed and experience less spring stress.

There are many ways to deal with spring stress and you can use similar techniques and other ways how to deal with any kind of stress.

Let’s talk about stress relief strategies in spring! There are 3  stress relief strategies for you to try.

1. Get Some Sun

Sunlight triggers the release of Serotonin which is a natural mood stabilizer and can make you feel better. It is so much easier to deal with stress and maybe even release it. Sunlight could make you happier and when people are happy there is no stress at that moment.

2. Gardening

If somebody had said about trying gardening a few years ago, I would be skeptical and was thinking it would not work for me. Now I don’t think like that. 

A bit of gardening makes me happy when I see my apple trees or roses bloom and shine. That is an amazing feeling. I usually go home from the garden happy.

Gardening is not only a good stress management tip, but there is also an entire therapy approach that involves gardening, farming, and spending time outdoors. It helps with stress and anxiety relief and it is good for our mental well-being.

Video made by Mind, the mental health charity

3. Go for a nice Walk in Nature

I know we all know that walking and being in nature is great for our mental and emotional well-being. But at the same time sure we forget these kinds of things when faced with stress. 

Simply being in nature helps to release negative thoughts and change your mood positively. For me, walking outside helps a lot and if I would go for a walk in the forest, that would have even more benefits for my well-being.

Trees and natural elements in cities also help us to become more relaxed and deal with stress. This is why trees and parks are important to have in our cities. 


Bird in springWhat is spring stress for you? Spring is here so a new kind of stress attacks us.

Stress is everywhere so the best way is not to ignore it but deal with it. Here are 3 stress relief strategies that you can try.

Of course, there are more stress relief strategies and methods that can help you to reduce stress spring and make you feel better. 

So what do you do to reduce spring stress and enjoy this amazing time of the year? What kind of methods or strategies you are using to release stress and feel better? Please let me know in the comment section below!

Spring is a great time to spend time outside and enjoy. What is more beautiful than apple blossoms or new leaves coming out? Right? So let’s enjoy ourselves and not let stress impact us too much.

Thanks! Have a nice day! Until next time

Linda Mo

Founder and owner of How To Reduce Stress Naturally

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