What Is The Best Vitamin C Supplement? – Review

What Is The Vitamin C SupplementToday I will introduce you to my review about Vitamin C supplements.  As you know, vitamin C is essential for your health and can help to manage stress better. Sometimes it isn’t possible to eat enough foods that are rich in vitamin C, in that case, you need to take supplements. So the question is what is the best vitamin C supplement, and I was sure you want to know, because of that I decided to write this review. I hope it will be helpful to you and let you decide which vitamin C supplement is best for you.

This review that is about Vitamin C supplements based on my research and experience. I compare 5 Vitamin C supplements.

1.Vitamin C 200mg 280 tablets by Nu U Nutrition

Vitamin C 200mg 280 tablets by Nu U NutritionMy rating: 8,5 out of 10 

Product Description: This vitamin supplement has been designed to give maximum bioavailability. It is easy to swallow, and you need to take only one tablet per day, that gives a full 1000 mg of vitamin C.

Product Specifics (Ingredients): Vitamin C (CI: HydroxyPropylMethylCellulose), Glazing Agents (HydroxyPropylMethylCellulose, Glycerine, Carnauba Wax), Anti-Caking Agents (Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide), Bulking Agents (Microcrystalline Cellulose)


+ 6 months full supply (one tablet per day)

+ Advanced formula that gives maximum bioavailability  

Suitable for vegetarians  

+ Manufactured to GMP Standards  

+/- Easy to swallow the tablet, but it’s hard for some people.


No intend to use by persons under the age of 18 

– Maybe not suitable for vegans (isn’t clear)

– Too many ingredients  

– Contains Magnesium Stearate

Guarantee: Yes

Check The Price and BUY HERE    

2. Solgar Vitamin C 1000 100 Vegetable Capsules

Solgar Vitamin C 1000 100 Vegetable CapsulesMy Rating: 9 out of 10 

Product Description:  Glass jar contains 100 Vitamin C (l-ascorbic acid) Vegetable Capsules. Each capsule provides 1000 mg. Need to take one (1) to two (2) vegetable capsules daily, preferably at mealtime. 

Product Specifics (Ingredients): Vitamin C (l-ascorbic acid), Capsule Shell: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, Anti-caking Agent: Vegetable Magnesium Stearate.


+ Suitable for vegans, koshers                                                                                  

+ Free of gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, yeast,  sodium, artificial flavor, sweetener, preservatives, and color  

+ Not too many ingredients  

+ Easier to swallow than tablet form  

+ Good price 


– Not recommended for people with sensitive stomachs

– One capsule per day may be not enough  

– Not specified if it’s GMO-free or not.  

– Contains Magnesium Stearate  

Guarantee: No  

Check The Price and BUY HERE

3. Altrient C – Liposomal Vitamin C

Altrient C - Liposomal Vitamin CMy Rating: 9,4 out of 10

Product Description: This Vitamin C supplement is more powerful than all oral forms of Vitamin C supplements including Vitamin C capsules and Vitamin C Powder.  It uses Liposomal Encapsulation Technology, and all vitamin C gets into the bloodstream. Liposomes encapsulate and protect vitamin C and transport it to the cells.

How to use it? Take one packet and squeeze the contents of it into juice.

Product Specifics (Ingredients): Deionized Water, Sodium Ascorbate, Lecithin Phospholipids, Alcohol (ethanol 12% w/w), Citric Acid (for PH adjustment), Xanthum Gum.


+ Vegan, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Non-GMO, Hexane-Free and Zone/Paleo Diet Approved      

+ Everything is absorbed into your bloodstream

+ Gentle on your stomach

+ Free UK Delivery


Maybe you wouldn’t like the taste  

– Too many ingredients

– A bit expensive  

– Contains alcohol (ethanol)

Guarantee: No

Check The Price and BUY HERE

4.Vitamin C Multi-Saver Pack by Innopure

Vitamin C Multi-Saver Pack by InnopureMy Rating: 9 out of 10

Product Description: Vitamin C Multi-Saver Pack is made in the United Kingdom. It has high Standards of quality control. You need to take one tablet daily, preferably with food.

Product Specifics (Ingredients): Vitamin C 1000mg, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate


+ Free from artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, starch, gluten, soy, milk, lactose, wheat, yeast or porcine

+ 6 month supply (one tablet daily)  

+ Approved by Vegetarian Society and Vegan Society  

+ GMP guidelines

+ Don’t have too many ingredients  

+ Great price and fast delivery 

+ Smaller than other vitamin C tablets and well-designed pots


– Difficult to swallow if you aren’t used to swallowing pills

– Contains Magnesium Stearate

Guarantee: No

Check The Price and BUY HERE

5. Vitamin C Powder (L-Ascorbic Acid) by DSM

Vitamin C Powder (L-Ascorbic Acid) by DSMMy Rating: 9,5 out of 10 

Product Description: Vitamin C powder (L-ascorbic acid) is finest of the Quali-C vitamins C products. 454 grams. It is made by DSM in the United Kingdom with no foreign ingredients. 1 scoop (1000 mg) diluted in a glass of water or juice.

Product Specifics (Ingredients): 100% Pure l-ascorbic acid, no other ingredients.


+ Non-GMO and no other additives or fillers  

+ Certified free of any corn proteins or other ingredients or residue, so it is safe if you have an allergy   

+ Hypoallergenic and vegan  

+ Powder dissolves easily  

+ Only one ingredient  (l-ascorbic acid)

+ Free UK Delivery


– A bit expensive  

– A misleading information. They say that there are no additives, but then why it tastes a little bit like lemon.  

– Scoop is located deep in the powder and can’t be easy to get it.  

You need to divide doses throughout the day

Guarantee: No

Check The Price and BUY HERE

The Good and The Bad

What Is The Best Vitamin C SupplementThe great news is that almost all of these Vitamin C supplements are GMO-free and suitable for vegans. Companies understand that people want products with no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, starch, gluten, additives, fillers and other things that can allergic to many people. 

These Vitamin C supplements except Vitamin C by Nu U Nutrition doesn’t have the money back guarantee.

You need to know that three of these Vitamin C supplements contain Magnesium Stearate. Many people argue that Magnesium Stearate shouldn’t be added to supplements because it can induce serious health problems. However, it hasn’t scientifically proven yet. It’s your choice to use vitamin supplements with Magnesium Stearate or not. Of course, I use some vitamin supplements which consist of Magnesium Stearate, but before this research, I didn’t know that I need to avoid this ingredient if possible. I think we need to be careful. Don’t you?

Do you want to know why fewer ingredients are better than more? Maybe, in this case, is not so important. But you still need to know. Your body can absorb supplements better if there aren’t too many ingredients and sometimes companies add something you don’t need like Magnesium Stearate. The Pure product is better than the product with too many variables. Possible side effects, non-effective dosage, some combinations fighting each other – do you want to deal with it? 

What Is The Best Vitamin C Supplement?

What Is The Best Vitamin C SupplementYes, still the question remains unanswered. Are you curious after reading specifics about these vitamin C supplements? Are you confused? Let’s clear that away!

You see how different Vitamin C supplements can be: pills, capsules or powder. You may ask what is the best?

In my opinion, the best Vitamin C supplement from these is Vitamin C Powder (L-Ascorbic Acid) by DSM. Do you want to know why? I have a great experience with vitamin C powders, and I usually feel good using them.

I always thought that Vitamin C powder (L-Ascorbic Acid) is the best way to take vitamin C if you are feeling ill or very stressed, and you need a boost. After my research I am still sure about that even if some people think that l-ascorbic acid is not real vitamin C. In fact, l-ascorbic acid is the chemical formula of vitamin C, and I don’t see any problem here.  I love that there are no other ingredients or additives nor fillers, and my body absorbs it well. 

The second best, in my opinion, is Altrient C – Liposomal Vitamin C because your body can absorb it very well. They even say that all vitamin C gets into the bloodstream. It is great, but I don’t like that there is ethanol.

Final Thoughts

What Is The Best Vitamin C SupplementKeep in mind that before taking Vitamin C supplements you need to consult with a healthcare specialist if you are pregnant, nursing, have any medical conditions or you are taking medications. You should do it, especially if you have side effects from any of these supplements. 

You need to remember that all of these supplements are synthetic substance, not natural vitamin C. If you are taking Vitamin C supplements, you should have a varied diet, and you need to eat foods that are rich in vitamin C. 

You know that vitamin C is essential for stress relief, and you can manage stress better when you are eating healthy and taking a supplement if needed. Now you know what is the best vitamin C supplement in my opinion. How about you? You can choose what Vitamin C supplement you like. Do you like pills or capsules? Do you want to take Vitamin C powder? I told you my opinion after a research, and now it is up to you, my dear friends, what to choose. Don’t forget that we always learn and experience something new. 


If you are looking for the best Vitamin C supplement, CLICK HERE to get more information.

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Linda Mo

Founder of How To Reduce Stress Naturally

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  1. Linda, what a great review. Very thorough and informative!!! I had no idea about the magnesium stearate! Jaw dropping – GET THE SPATULA! :o) Thanks for making life easier!!

    • Linda Mo

      Paula, thank you! I am glad you like it, and it’s useful to you. Doing research for this review, I learned new things too.
      Thanks! 🙂

  2. Thank you for such a detailed description and the information concerning additives. As long as there is a high bioavailability then it will be beneficial. I understand that Vitamin C is not stored in the body which is why it must be replaced daily, without concerns. When I have a cold or other illness I will even increase the dosage up to 2500 mg daily for several days.

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Carole!
      Yes, you understand right. Vitamin C isn’t stored in the body, and you need to replace it daily. Great! What kind of Vitamin C supplement are you taking?

  3. Hi Linda, great insight and review. I have always known that Vitamin C is one of the essential vitamins we all need, but your insights on its different elements and forms are new to me. I am glad you suggested your preferred one as it helps me decide after reading the myriad of Vitamin C’s to choose from. This is very helpful. Thanks again for this.

    • Linda Mo

      Thank you! Always is nice that people appreciate. 🙂
      Yes, as you see there are many vitamin C supplements forms, and sometimes it can be confusing.
      Thank you! 🙂

  4. What great information! I’m just curious – why would manufacturers add Magnesium Stearate to their vitamin C if they don’t have to (because not all of them are doing it). Does it make the price cheaper for them to make it with that in it do you think? I think it’s very important if we’re not feeling 100% to go and get a blood test. I found out my vitamin d levels were way below what they should’ve been, which was actually an indicator of a bigger problem that caused this. What a difference vitamin supplements can make when we’re deficient in a vitamin. Thanks for sharing this and the links to the products.

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Angela! Thank you!
      Magnesium Stearate is cheaper. Almost all people lack Vitamin D. Yes. Sometimes we need to get a blood test.

  5. rebecca cosmidou

    This is a great review, Linda! I am about to start taking vitamins because I am feeling a little bit tired and it was good to know that there is a place I could visit to find out what should be the best product for me! It was good to know why fewer ingredients are better. You see nowadays we all are looking for more ingredients and we think that this is better! I look forward to your next Vitamin review! I am interesting about B complex and B12 and it would be great if I read your review soon! 🙂
    Best wishes,

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Rebecca! It looks like you lack some vitamins. My next Vitamin review will not be very soon. After your suggestion, I would consider.
      Vitamin B is also essential for stress management so I will be writing a review about that.
      It is great to know that it was helpful to you. Thanks!

  6. To be honest I am not a fan of taking pills. I rather use the tablets that dissolve in water. I did heard a lot about Altrient C, many of people I know are using it. I noticed that there is free delivery for the UK. If you know is there free delivery to the US also?

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Dira!
      You need to do what you feel good about. I also don’t like pills, and, instead, I usually choose a powder.
      Sorry. As I understand, that there isn’t free delivery to the US.

  7. Thanks, Linda- great article on vitamin C and the importance of getting enough… I have a question perhaps you can help me with- I like the gummy vitamin C’s are those good to take? They taste so good… just wondering if maybe they are too good to be true? What are your thoughts on gummy vitamins?

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Andrea! Thanks! What kind of gummy Vitamin C are you taking? I think it is too good to be true. 🙂 I read facts about a Vitafusion Vitamin C (gummy). For example, there is sugar (glucose syrup, sucrose). You need to know that the more sugar is in your bloodstream, less vitamin C your body will absorb. In my opinion, it’s not so good, but maybe this better than not taking at all.

  8. Thimo

    Thanks for the information. I got more interested into diets about 2 years ago and thought about supplementation a lot the last few months but haven’t started to take any, yet. Maybe I will start with one of your recommendations and see if it has a positive effect.

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Thimo!
      Great! Try! We all are different and unique. Different people need different supplements, and if one supplement helped a person, maybe it will not help another person.
      Thank you for your comment!

  9. Vitamin C, that is something we are often reminded in our whole lives. Though I always prefer to get the vitamins from specific food items that are rich in a particular vitamin but yeah I agree with you, when we are in extreme need of it, that’s not just enough.

    Your review makes it a lot easier to choose the right products and it surely clarifies a lot of things related to the choice of the supplements. Nice work 🙂

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Hari!
      Of course, it’s better to eat foods that are rich in Vitamin C than taking supplements, but sometimes we can’t get enough.
      Thank you! It is the purpose of this review. 🙂

  10. Gedas

    Thank you for your review! I regularly get sick of my weak immune system. I think vitamin C can help to cope with this problem. By the way, I have a question which is better-absorbed pills or powder?

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Gedas! Vitamin C can help you to cope with that problem. Everybody know that Vitamin C is great for immunity, and it can be good with stress management too, so vitamin C is great vitamin to take. 🙂
      As you can see in my review, I think powder is better absorbed, and it’s purer because there aren’t ingredients we don’t need. I always knew that, and this research proved that.
      Thank you for your comment!

  11. Neil

    I was forced to quit my job last year due to all the pressures of the workplace that lead to stress. If I hadn’t have quit, I would be in the hospital or even worse.

    I went through a phase of feeling ill for months, and it was only until I quit, that I slowly got better. 🙂

    Now I’m taking no chances in life, so vitamin C supplements are now playing an important part, not just to keep stress levels down, but to keep my immune system intact.

    Stress is a killer, and people underestimate it. Our health is important, and it’s the number one priority above “JOBS” and “MONEY”.

    It’s important to take the right vitamin C supplements in addition to eating healthy and also exercising quite regularly too.

    Thanks for your insights into the best vitamin C supplements and also vitamin C itself, Linda!

    People here should not take their health for granted because there will be a time when you need the right supplements and a change of lifestyle.


  12. Ben

    Really great information. I’ve been holding back from taking vitamins because of dietary restrictions, but I never knew that there are so many pills that are vegan/kosher/gluten/whatever compliant!

    I thought all the pills were made from fish. Great stuff to know! I will have to look at each option more closely.

  13. I eat mostly whole foods, so I have lots of vitamins from my fruits and vegetables. I can, however, appreciate this really detailed review. Thanks for taking the time to share these options.

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Josephine! Thanks for visiting! I also eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. But I know that not all people can get enough vitamins. And even if you eat many vegetables and fruits, sometimes isn’t possible to get enough.

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