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What Is True About Stress Management Lately, as you can see, I write about what is true or not. What is true about stress? What is true about stress management? I believe that we always want to know the truth, we seek the truth and sometimes some of us cover up lies behind some truths. In fact, I don’t know if we ever will know for sure what is true or isn’t. Why? Because we have different understandings, what is true or not. Oh, here we go again… I am philosophical today. Again.

Okay! Let’s get serious and think about stress management!

What Is True About Stress Management?

I don’t know why I am trying to find what is true and what is not because for some people music can help them with stress management, but other people prefer meditation or walking in nature. It depends on people. Each of you is different in many ways, but you all need to think about stress management, and what is true for yourself. What can help you to deal with stress? Is it meditation or physical activity? Do you think that nature has a calming effect on you? What is it? I believe that answers will vary and there can not be the right answer. There cannot be only one truth and only one way to relieve stress and tension that you feel from time to time.

You can choose your way to balance

I am sure you know that more than 70 % Americans say that they are stressed out. The worst thing is that they are stressed daily and what kind of impact that can bring to their health, body, and mind. No wonder that people take anti-depressant medications. But that isn’t a solution to stress. It is hiding from it.

What about people from other countries? How stressed are they?

What Is True About Stress Management

We all have purpose, goals, and vision and how can there be only one thing that can help you achieve balance in your life and freedom from stress? There must be more, much, much more. Right? So now I will introduce some of the ways that could help you to manage stress better.

5 Ways To Deal With Stress

1. Laugh more and have fun

Laughing is important to me, and it always brightens my day, makes me happier and more relaxed. It’s clear to me that I don´t feel stressed when I laugh.

Watch some funny movie, joke with your friends and coworkers, read something, and I believe you will feel better. I can promise you that, and in fact, I am sure you all know how great you feel when you laugh. But why we need the knowledge if we don’t use it? Laugh more and look how your stress goes away!

What Is True About Stress Management

One person once said that I am laughing too much. What? Don’t take life so seriously!

Laughing is your body’s natural way to combat stress. So use it! Get a good laugh. Have fun once in a while. Or better if you have fun every day, and it could make your life more enjoyable.

2. Exercise

Did you know that exercise improve your mood and reduce stress? I believe we all know it. Yes?

According to Harvard University, stress hormone cortisol levels decrease with physical activity. I can say that it is indeed true. When I feel stressed or anxious, I go for a walk. It always helps, and I am sure it can be helpful to you too.

When you feel stressed, go for a walk, run or try other physical activity. Get moving, your mood will change for the better, and finally, your stress levels will decrease.

3. Connect with your loved ones

Be together with people you love, talk with them and have fun. Sometimes it’s necessary to talk with people, who will always understand and support you, especially during your most stressful times. Tell them what bothers you, what makes you so stressed out and anxious. Listen to them when they talk about their stressors, talk, encourage them. They will do the same for you. You love them, so trust them and heal each other.

What Is True About Stress Management

I believe that love is the most powerful tool for happiness and living a fulfilling life without stress. Okay, maybe it seems impossible. But I hope that someday it will happen. Oh, I see you are smiling, and yes, I am a dreamer. 

4. Be in the present moment

I think stress management is being in the present moment. If you want to restore balance in your life, you should try this. Maybe it wouldn’t be so easy at first but it will be worth it.

What Is True About Stress Management

Meditate. Be grateful for everything you have. Don’t rush things! Don’t run for or towards something! Be here. Be yourself. When I understood that, it saved me a lot of headaches, but I am still learning.

5. Do something you enjoy

An amazing way to manage stress is to do something you enjoy to do because it makes you happy. Stress can’t find people, who are constantly happy and joyful doing what they love.

What Is True About Stress Management

What is it for you? Reading a book? Drawing? Playing video games or walking? You all have many and different answers, and it’s hard to guess.

Of course, there are many more stress relief techniques that you can use to reduce stress and relax.

Things To Avoid Or Bad Ways To Deal With Stress

But there are things to avoid while dealing with stress. You should remember not to use unhealthy habits for stress management.

  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Eating Too Much
  • Ignoring

Do you want to read more about them? It’s for another time.


What Is True About Stress ManagementWhat is true about stress management? What are the best methods for you to deal with stress? What do you use to reduce stress? I would love to hear about them.

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