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What Is White Dead Nettle?What is White Dead Nettle? How it can help and improve your health and well-being?

What kind of good properties are in this plant to help you deal with stress? Those are good questions that need to be answered.

Stress impacts us every day one way or another and it is so important how we deal with it. Chronic stress is the problem that impacts and destroys our health and well-being so it is essential to keep that in mind when you feel stressed.

Eating healthy and getting supplements in different forms can help you be able to deal with stress better and also make you more resistant to stress. Keep in mind that if you are in better health your body is better at dealing with stress and more resistant to it.


What Is White Dead Nettle?

White Dead Nettle (Lamium album) is also called White Nettle, also known as Archange, Snowflake, Blind Nettle, White Archangel, Stingless Nettle.
It is a flowering plant with great health benefits that grows in Europe and Asia. The white nettle stem is covered in fine hairs and it has nice white flowers that bees enjoy.
This plant is growing in different habitats like woodland and grassland and likes mostly moist and fertile soils. However, I can say that it is not always the case. It grows in my garden and it doesn’t have moist soil.  
It is called nettle but it doesn’t have stinging leave so it is basically “not real” nettle which we used to know with stinging leaves that hurt us when we worked in our gardens.
As I wrote before White Dead Nettle has health benefits and is used for medicinal use for many years and nowadays there are researches that prooves and talk about its benefits. For example, it has antioxidant properties, that could help deal with oxidative stress. 

White Dead Nettle Tea and Extracts

Here you can find nice Dead Nettle tea and extracts brands that could improve your health and well-being. You can choose what is best for you. Here you can find four products.

1. White Dead Nettle Pure Herbal Tea 50g

My Rating: 4,5 out of 5White Dead Nettle Pure Herbal Tea 50g

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Description: This nice White Dead Nettle tea is made from perfectly sized herbs to get maximum flavour. 

It is written in descriptions that you can choose from pure herbal tea or herbal tea with Ceylon black tea base, zero caffeine rooibos red bush tea base or green sencha tea base. 

Ingredients: White dead nettle leaves


  • It is caffeine-free
  • It has a resealable moisture-proof pouch
  • Available in different ways as pure or with a tea base


Couldn’t find any complaint


2.White Dead Nettle Green Apple Black Tea Blend Tea Bags with Mint Flavour 25 Pack

My Rating: 4,5 out of 5White Dead Nettle Green Apple Black Tea Blend Tea Bags with Mint Flavour 25 Pack

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Description: It could be pure herbal tea, but you can also choose five additional tea flavours like Orange, Lemon, Mint, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Mango and Cocoa.

You can also go pure or choose from different tea bases. They are offering 18 choices such as including  Rooibos, Green Tea, Assam, Earl Grey, Assam, Oolong.

However, this specific type is with Black tea and mint flavour as it is written in the title. 

Ingredients: White Dead Nettle leaves, Black tea leaves


  • Unbleached tea bag paper
  • A lot of choices to make your perfect tea with 5 flavours and 18 different tea bases or go natural 
  • They blend all teas fresh from each order


  • Confusing information. They said that you can choose from different types of teas but on the title of the product it is written that it is already chosen.


3. White Dead Nettle Lamium Album Full Spectrum Non Alcoholic Liquid Extract 30ml

My Rating: 4,5 out of 5

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Description: This White Dead Nettle extract was created after 2 years of research. It is full-spectrum herbal liquid extraction that was done without using high temperatures or alcohol. That way the full benefits of this herb are preserved. 

90% of the herbs used in this extract are organic and doesn’t contain any GMO ingredient. The company said that they created a process that captures the entire herb in the liquid base that is non-alcoholic.

Ingredients: White Dead Nettle (Lamium album), Sterile Water, Vegetable Glycerin


  • Free from GMO ingredients
  • 90% of used herbs are organic
  • Highly Concentrated Formula
  • Doesn’t contain alcohol
  • Didn’t use high temperature to create this extract and that means preserving more benefits of this plant
  • Easy to use supplied in a glass dropper bottle


Couldn’t find any complaints


4. White Dead Nettle Liquid Extract Tincture – Lamium Album, 100ml

My Rating: 4,5 out of 5White Dead Nettle Liquid Extract Tincture - Lamium Album, 100ml

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Description: This White Dead Nettle (Lamium album) extract tincture (1:3) has an alcohol volume of 45%

This plant has been a great remedy for many health conditions and is effective for treating injuries.

Ingredients: White Dead Nettle, Alcohol


  • Great herbal remedy for many health conditions
  • Contains a high amount of tannins that you could help with treating injuries and cuts


  • Contains Alcohol 


Final Thoughts

What Is White Dead Nettle?Now you got to know more about what White Dead Nettle is, its benefits and how it can impact your health and help with managing your stress.

If we all are healthy, stress is easily manageable. Using herbs to improve and strengthen your health is a great way to make sure you are protected against chronic stress and be ready to manage it when it comes.

Have a great day!

Linda Mo

Founder and Owner of How To Reduce stress Naturally

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