Women and Stress

Women and stress. How stress impacts us all? Are Women less prepared to deal with stress? Are women particularly susceptible to stress?

Upset and Stressed WomanI believe this is an interesting subject to talk about, but we need to remember that we all different and we differently deal with stress and one is more resistant to stress than others.

So how it is? Is it true that women have more problem with managing stress?

Women and Stress

Why do some experts think that women are particularly susceptible to stress? Are they less resistant to stress?

Women were always and still are the caretakers of others. Seems that nothing is really changed much. I guess that basics always stays with us even if don’t want to accept that or agree with it.

So what am I talking about? Today women not only try to juggle a career but also traditional responsibilities at home after work. Of course, they are stressed, worried and anxious, and for me, it seems an impossible task to do, but they are doing it every day. Are you one of those women or you know one?

Be Perfect

Stressed and Upset WomanIt seems that life gets harder every day. Why can’t we, dear women, do so much? Where are men to help us? I guess society demands us to be like that and be perfect at everything we do.

Do you understand that we are slowly destroying ourselves and not think about our well-being?

I am afraid where our society is going with all the stress, worry, anxiety and doing too much. Where does it end? Dear woman, please take care of yourself. Yes, we are strong, we are capable, but we are doing too much and stressed out too much.

Sociologists think that women are struggling to achieve “male standard” at work, but at the same time be the perfect mother and wife at home. It seems strange why men don’t try to be perfect husbands and fathers. I don’t really understand why one gender tries to be perfect, take care of everyone and save the world in the process, really?

I am sad to think why we, women, let somebody, society dictate how we do things. Why do we need to perfect? Nothing is perfect in this world so stop trying to be perfect at everything you do. Trying that can only lead to more and more stress, anxiety and depression.

Gender Equality

Very Stressed WomanWhere is gender equality? Of course, still, we have problems with that? Are we not?

Women are less likely to be in as powerful positions as men, and we can’t change the environment. But we can do something, for example, we can control how we act, how we think and make the change ourselves in our daily lives in small ways.

If we take good care of ourselves and don’t do what others demand of use, we can the environment, other people beliefs, and the world.

I don’t know if it’s true or not. Women find it harder to say no to other people request and spend less time nurturing their own needs. Do you agree with this statement? I guess it depends on the person.

Other Aspects

Women are more vulnerability to stress and depression because they experience hormonal changes associated with premenstrual, postpartum and menopausal stages.


Crying WomanWomen are more affected by stress because they more than men struggle with juggling career and home life. This is why it’s important to think about ways to manage stress and anxiety.

Dear women, we need to think about ourselves, balance our lives and reduce stress.

What do you think about subject Women and Stress? Do you believe women are more stressed than men? Do you think it’s true? How do you cope with stress? Is it easy or hard to manage stress for you? Let me know below

Thank you! Until next time!

Linda Mo

Founder of How To Reduce Stress Naturally

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