11 Fun Ways to Relieve Stress – Breathe, Smile and Laugh

Fun Ways To Relieve StressStress is a constant quest in our lives, and sometimes I even feel like stress rules our lives, and it isn’t easy to reduce or even avoid it.

Why we let our lives to be ruled by stress and negative thoughts? What can we do to take back control of our lives again? What can you do?

There are fun ways to relieve stress and say goodbye to tension. Read this list and find out!

11 Fun Ways to Relieve Stress

1. Care for Your Plants or Play With Your Pets

I don’t have any experience with pets, but studies show that being with animals reduce stress and anxiety. It can help you to be in the present moment and enjoy every minute. Sadly, that we all need someone or something to remind us to be mindful in every moment of our lives.

We are better than we learned to believe. Right? Our little brothers remind us of it every day, and it’s so good that we have them.

Fun Ways To Relieve Stress

There is a very special plant for me who changed my life in more ways than one. Okay, okay, maybe I am little exaggerating, but it is a remarkable plant that I am lucky to have it. Just looking at my lemon tree gives me peace and harmony.

2. Dance or Sing to Your Favorite Tune

I am not a great singer or dancer, and I am sure that other people will tell me to stop if they would see me dancing or singing, but I don’t care.

Nobody can tell you anything if you are doing it in your home. Right? Sometimes I enjoy singing or dancing, and I can literary feel stress fall away with every movement I make. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t any good and just let go.

3. Random Act of Kindness

Did you know that giving to others relaxes your brain? Kindness is the answer to all your problems because only positive things can help you with stress relief, worries and other things that bother you.

Perform a random act of kindness for someone! Just surprise somebody and make other people smile. In this way, you focus on something great and reduce stress.

Fun Ways To Relieve Stress

4. Put Relaxing Music and Take a Bubble Bath

One of the best ways to reduce stress and relax is to listening music. At least, many people use this stress relief tips and are telling everyone that it’s the best method for them to reduce stress and relax.

A Bubble bath can help you let go tension in your body. Why don’t add together two great things? I am sure it would be a great experience. It’s something I need to try for myself. Sometimes other stress relief tips start to seem like routine, and it means they aren’t helping me as they should. So it’s time for a change. It’s time to try something different, something new.

5. Get Outside

Being in nature is another great way to reduce stress, and I know it from my personal experience. When I feel stressed, worried or anxious, I head outside in nature. I go for walk, look at the sky and admire beautiful trees.

I am sure that almost everybody knows that nature is healing to our mind, body, and soul. Do you? It gives us a sense of peace and harmony. 

6. Watch a Funny Video

Laughter heals, and if you watch something funny, you let go of stress and enjoy the moment.

7. Get in Touch With Your Inner Child

Children usually aren’t stressed or anxious. So go to your childhood for a little while and rest there. Give yourself a playtime. I think many problems in our lives is because we rush somewhere, don’t enjoy the moment before us and don’t have fun.

This is why we have so much stress in our lives. We aren’t meant to live in constant tension dealing with stuff that needs to be done at all costs and forgetting what matters the most and what we truly are. We are children of the universe. Children of the Earth that we love so much. Right?

Fun Ways To Relieve Stress

You need to connect with your inner child who is waiting for you to wake up and see the beauty of everything around. Have fun! Play! Fly a kite! I would love to do that. I never had the chance. Build Lego or finger paint! Find your childhood toys and remember what life is meant to be.

It can be both fun and stress relieving activity. You will see. Just give yourself a chance, my friend, and smile more.

8. Take Photos

Photography is another creative activity you can enjoy that will help you to relieve stress and chill out. Creativity is a way to distract yourself from a world that sometimes seems mean and cold and be in the present moment.

Taking photos can help you see a different perspective on the world and in this way manage your stress levels. Always look for positive things around you, because that is the reality and can help you to relieve stress. Anything else is an illusion that you lead yourself to believe.

Fun Ways To Relieve Stress

9. Play Games

What can be more fun than playing games? You can even do it in the office. Brain games like Sudoku or crosswords are distracting from worries and tasks that you need to accomplish and thus stress-relieving.

Want to try a desktop game for stress relief? This is a great way to not only relieve stress you are feeling but also let go of anxiety, worries, depression and find more joy in your daily life. Truly I am not saying that you need to play computer games every day, but from time to time it can be a great and fun way to relieve something that is holding yourself back and destroying peace in your life. Maybe I should too. But remember we all need balance in our lives.

Fun Ways To Relieve Stress

Do you want something more social? Keep a deck of cards or a board game. I prefer Uno cards, and Oh what kind of fun I had when I played with my brother and mom! How much I laughed?

10. Read a Book

If you love to read books, do you know how many lives you can live through stories in the books? How many dreams can you accomplish in one lifetime? How much can you love?

Reading a great book is fantastic relaxation and way to relieve stress, anxiety and even find new meaning, a perspective of the world you know. It’s an escape from stresses and daily worries.

Fun Ways To Relieve Stress

11. Stargazing Can Soothe Your Soul and Reduce Stress

Another fun activity is to go outside and look at the night sky. How amazing would you feel when you let yourself be in the present moment appreciating the beauty of the universe? Looking at the stars that seem so far away, but at the same time so close to your heart lets you forget about your worries, stresses and life problems become insignificant. You just see the bigger picture.

At that moment you feel blessed. There is nothing to be stressed about, yes, you would agree with me at that moment. But what would happen the next moment? In fact, it doesn’t matter because we have only this moment.

I love to look at the sky – the stars and clouds. I like to imagine things and dream.

When you are at the present moment and enjoying what you are doing, stress can’t reach you.

You are free like you should be. Free of stress and worry like a bird in the sky. Who can ask for more?

In fact, sometimes I think that stress is our remainder to get back to ourselves and just be.

Fun Ways To Relieve Stress

Fun Ways To Relieve StressConclusion

Fun, Laughter, doing something you enjoy relieve stress, and you don’t need to be a genius like you are to know that. You only need to try and see for yourself. I know that sometimes we all tend to forget things that we always knew. We all need reminders from time to time, and that is why I am here, my dear friend.

Which fun ways to relieve stress do you use in your life? I would love to hear about other fun ways that you are using to reduce stress. Please tell me and let me know below!


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Have fun, my dear reader! Until next time!

Linda Mo

The Founder of How To Reduce Stress Naturally


  1. Hi Linda – I really resonate with your post here. Good stuff and well written. I love every single one of your suggestions and will try harder to incorporate them into my life more. Thanks

  2. Dave

    I can definitely speak to 3 things. Playing with dogs, or cats really relaxes me…don’t know why, but it does. Singing while in rush hour traffic, calms me down. I started doing it to keep my road rage in check…It works really well, especially if you sing really loud. Watching random vines on ytube does the trick as well.

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Dave! Thanks for sharing tips that help you relieve stress. 

      When I am alone, I love to sing, and I always feel better afterward – less stress, anxiety, and worry. 

      Sometimes I watch funny videos on youtube, and they help me. Both aren’t my most favorite methods for stress relief, but they help me when I need them.

      Best regards!

  3. Rika

    My favorites are no 3, 5 and 6. I would say getting outside is on top of my list. The other ways to relieve stress you recommend are also very good. Thank you for a very interesting post with great tips.

    I am going to try them all. What are your favorites Linda?

    • Linda Mo

      Great! Thanks for your comment!

      It isn’t easy to say which ones are my favorites, but going outside (5), reading a book (10) are the best for me.

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