What Is Organifi Green Juice Powder? – Scam or Legit?

What is Organifi Green Juice Powder? Why do you need it? How can it help you with stress management? This Organifi Green Juice Powder review will answer to all of your questions.

Are you ready to make your health a priority and learn how to manage your stress better? But is it really good for your health and well-being?

Organifi Green Juice Powder Review

What Is Organifi Green Juice Powder?What Is Organifi Green Juice Powder

Organifi claims that their Green Juice Powder can get all you healthy super foods in one glass without blending, juicing or cleanup. It is gently dried greens powder that is scientifically designed to nourish your body and give it vital nutrients, according to this company.

This product may assist in weight management and stress-related disorders.

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How can it help you?

According to Organifi, this powder supports immunity, improve your health, boost mental clarity, detoxify your body and also reduce stress, which is, of course, important in this case, because as you know we talk about stress relief on this blog all the time.

You can’t even need to dramatically alter your diet to get enough healthy nutrients.

Organifi Green Juice Powder ingredients claim to have the following properties:

  • Spirulina is high in protein, calcium, and iron, and it may provide strength and energy
  • Moringa helps maintain and repair cells, and it’s great for heart disease prevention.
  • Mint not only help to treat indigestion and cramps, but it’s good as a sleeping aid.
  • A green algae Chlorella is high in polyunsaturated fats and reduces inflammation.
  • Ashwagandha increases mental focus, boost the immune system and also lower blood pressure.
  • Beets reduces the risk of heart disease because it contains high levels of manganese and folate.
  • Turmeric contains antioxidants
  • Lemon and Wheatgrass stabilize blood sugar and “regenerate and cleanse” the blood.
  • Coconut Water helps in transport Organifi’s ingredients throughout your bloodstream. It has high levels of potassium that also can cleanse your kidneys.
  • Matcha Green tea contains antioxidant to reduce stress.

Supplement Facts of Organifi Green Juice Powder

It’s always better if you can make your own juice from fruits and vegetables, and you don’t need to buy Green Juice Powder. But is this Organifi Green Juice a good value for your money? Can it provide the nutrition you need?

Let’s look at the pros!


  • Ingredients are claimed to claimed to be organic and suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • It doesn’t contain GMO ingredients, soy or gluten
  • Claims to have great benefits to your health and well-being
  • It’s easy to use
  • Free of fillers and artificial ingredients


  • It may not provide the benefits that the company claims

Guarantee: Yes



Does Organifi Green Juice work?

Green Juice Full of AntioxidantsSurprisingly, there is no evidence to show that Organifi Green Juice Powder works.

But there are studies that some ingredients have the benefits claimed by the company.

For example, multiple studies were investigating the efficacy of spirulina, and they found out this blue-green alga may have anticancer and antiallergic effects and can help to treat several diseases.

What about users? What do they think about Organifi Green Juice Powder?

Customers have different opinions about this product, but most of them are satisfied with it.

Organifi Green Juice Bottle They were sure Organifi Green Juice Powder is great stuff and it’s one of the best super greens type powders they have had.

Customers enjoyed the taste and were ready to buy again. Some of them even said that they feel the difference in their muscles after taking this product for three days.

Of course, there were customers who complained about this product.

One customer was afraid to use this product after reading a warning “This product may contain a chemical known to the state of CA to cause cancer, or birth defects or other reproductive harm.”

It seems that you always need to be careful before using some new supplement or other products. If it seems fake or you don’t feel safe, don’t use it. Sometimes you need to trust your gut, your inner feelings. Your health and well-being is the most important thing, because without good health you can’t feel really happy, relieve stress and enjoy life to the fullest.


Can Organifi Green Juice Powder Improve Your Health and Reduce Stress?

This drink provides very little results for your money because there isn’t any studies or clinical evidence showing that the Organifi Green Juice ingredients have any of the benefits which the manufacturer claimed.

Of course, you have several vitamin deficiencies, Organifi Green Juice can improve your health.

Is it a scam? No, Organifi Green Juice Powder is legit, but you may not experience the benefits claimed by Organifi.

Final Thoughts

Green SmoothieCustomers have different opinions about Organifi green juice Powder, and many of them are satisfied, but before starting to use something new, read other people reviews about it.

In my opinion, it’s better to avoid Organifi Green Juice Powder, because I can’t be absolutely sure about how effective is it for your health and stress management. Of course, many people use it, and they are satisfied with the results or how they feel while taking it. It’s always your choice, my dear friend!

If you feel that this product is exactly, what you need to improve your health, go for it. But if you are healthy, you have better ability to deal with stress.



Now you know what is Organifi Green Juice Powder. What do you think about it? Do you want to try it or will you likely avoid it? Let me know below!

I hope you enjoyed this Organifi Green Juice Powder review.

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