Floating Salt Water Therapy – Floating In Salt Water?

Floating Salt Water Therapy for stress relief? Floating in salt water? As ridiculous as it sounds, it could be very helpful for some people to manage their stress and anxiety. I know how strange that sounds but if it helps you or somebody else to ease the tension is worth the try. Right?

Salt Water For Your HealthYes, today I decided to talk about this a little bit strange subject that is in many ways unique and interesting topic to talk about. Maybe this technique might be the solution to your stress problem. We all are different and what helps you to manage stress and relax, doesn’t necessarily help other people. Maybe for some people something different and orthodoxy is needed to find their inner core, rest, relax and let go of stress. What about you?

Knowledge is always important, even if you don’t want to try this method that I will be talking about in this post, it would be interesting to see what other people use to relax, reduce stress and finally feel better.

Floating Salt Water Therapy – Floating In Salt Water?

This method might be the solution for some people and can help with their stress relief problem. Believe me or not, but there are some people who feel rejuvenating if they are in a total blankness almost submerged in salt water. What is this amazingly strange therapy that I talk about?

It feels like floating in outer space with three-quarters of your body submerged in salt water and in completed darkness. For me, it would be terrifying and not relaxing and rejuvenating. It seems strange to me, but maybe, just maybe I need to try it for myself and see if my fears are true or just in my head.

Maybe the feeling of being part of everything and difficult to know where your body stops and the water begins, is so relaxing that people use this therapy to let go of everything that holds them back, especially stress and anxiety. You can even choose to be in complete darkness or turn the lights on.

All that I described is what floating in a sensory deprivation tank feels like. But is it really great for stress management, that is the most important question right now? One meta-analysis study by researchers in the Netherlands suggests that this therapy “can be a useful stress management tool in addition to or instead if other stress management tools.” Yes… As I said before, maybe I need to try and see for myself and it works for me.

According to Leventhal, that floating in a sensory deprivation tank lets people enter the theta state of brainwave consciousness and that is a state right before we drift to sleep. So yes, it can help us relax and reduce stress, and we all know that good night sleep is one of the best ways to let go of stress.


MusselsAfter reading this post, are you interested in floating in salt water and de-stress in the process? I am sure it seems very interesting and it can help you with stress management. It seems amazing therapy that can change our understand of what can be used for stress management. There are many things, many tools and ways to live that can help us manage our stress, anxiety and feel ourselves again. Chronic stress is one thing that disrupts our wholeness and endangers our well-being and health.

Are you ready to try Floating salt water therapy? What do you think about this therapy that can help you de-stress and feel better about yourself? Did you try it before? Let me know below!

Thank you! Until next time!

Linda Mo

Founder of How To Reduce Stress Naturally

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