Stress and Happiness

Today I will talk about stress and happiness. Does feeling of happiness and joy relieve stress and

Happy Girl Near Watermake you return to a state of harmony and peace? Does it really happen this way or maybe it just something that I love to tell myself, but it’s not true?

I always believed that if you are happy, chronic stress and worry will away run from you and you can enjoy your life much more leading to more happiness and joy. This way chronic stress will never be part of your life. Can it be that way?

Happiness and Stress

Morning HappinessHow happiness and positive emotions can help you deal with stress better?

Psychologist Barbara Fredrickson has researched how positive emotions such as joy, appreciation, and contentment have lasting and independent benefits.

Increased happiness has many benefits like mindfulness, resilience, improved physical health and closer relationships and I believe we all know that chronic stress can’t be present if you have all these things.

Some time ago I wrote about positive thoughts and stress. How positive thoughts impact your well-being and levels of stress?

Either way, it is so amazing that bursts of happiness can lead to greater resilience toward stress and make you experience life the fullest and enjoying everything you have. What can you do you to lift your mood and help you reach happiness that you so deserve?

Doing what I love is the best way to be happy and less stressed. What do you love to do?

How Being Happy Help You With Stress Management?

What are the benefits of happiness? How happiness and stress relief are connected?

  • Good Mood Increase Your Ability to Manage Stress. Positive emotions can make even the worst situation better, and somehow I believe that almost everyone has experienced something like that in their lives. How about you? Is it true?

Sunflowers and a GirlAccording to some studies, positive emotions support social connections and that increase our ability to manage stress. Let’s think about it! I am sure that if we have someone special in our lives and we talk about our stress, worries, issues and things that bother us deeply, stress doesn’t affect us that much.

But if we are holding our worries about the future and stress inside of us and never talk to somebody, it can eat us alive, destroy our health and our lives.

Remember that more happiness, the more good mood is an upward spiral that leads to more happiness, health and life satisfaction, and of course, you are more resilient to stress.

  • Positive Mood is Great For Emotional Health. Positive emotions may counteract fearful or unhappy states characteristic of mood disorders (depression, anxiety or schizophrenia). Anxiety and depression can also be a symptom of stress or even the result of chronic constant stress.
  • Positive Mood Increase Your Coping Ability and Resilience. Personality tests and questionnaires showed that and if you are happier, you have a better health, relationships and of course, greater resilience to stress.

Always know that positive thinking and mood increases your ability to manage stress in healthy ways which are great for your health, relationships, and well-being.


Success and HappinessHappiness and stress relief is connected, and know you know why.

What makes you happy? There are several things and strategies that work, and if you enjoy at least one activity, it is a great place to start to build your happiness that will lead to a less stressful life.

Always remember that usually, happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy and do everything in your power to keep yourself that way.

We are here on this beautiful planet to enjoy happiness and pure joy of being alive. So please do that.

Are you happy most of the time? Are you enjoying your life? What do like to do? Let me know below! I would love to know your questions or suggestions for my future posts. What do you want to read next? Help me improve my site and my readers experience.

If you want to know more how positivity can help you reduce stress? CLICK HERE to read my post about positive thinking and stress.

Thank you!

Until next time!

Linda Mo

Founder of How To Reduce Stress Naturally


  1. Positive mood is one of the ways I manage stress.
    If someone/ something is causing me stress, I put that person/ thing in the background and focus on the people/things that make me happy.
    These are the two main strategies that have helped me to effectively manage my stress.

    • Linda Mo

      Yes, Pearl, that is very important. If we try to focus on positive things and our happiness, we experience less stress and anxiety. Somehow I believe that this way we are more resistant to stress.
      It is a great strategy to manage stress, and I am also trying to do that and focus on positivity, beauty. My mom said that she can’t change focus from something that makes her stressful, anxious to something that makes her happy. I guess we all are different and different strategies help us to reduce stress.
      I think everyone has something that makes them joyful, happy at every given time. We all need to bring more happiness, beauty, joy, and love into this world.
      Thank you for your comment!

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