What is Autogenic Training?

Sleeping girl relaxingWhen you are experiencing stress, and you don’t know what to do to stop feeling so frustrated, worried and useless, you are looking for something that can help you with this situation.

Maybe the answer is closer than you think. I am sure you heard it once, and now you want to know more what is autogenic training. Right?

That is why you are here.

So What Is Autogenic Training?

Autogenic training is a relaxation technique that was developed by psychiatrist J.H. Schultz in 1932.

The technique involves repetitions of visualizations, passive concentration and self-suggestion that induce a state of relaxation and is used to ease many stress-related psychosomatic disorders.

Relaxation and Freedom in NatureWhat is the main purpose of autogenic training?

It is the achievement of autonomic self-regulation when you remove environmental distraction, use training imagery and a facilitative set of exercises.

There are three main principles:

  1. Reduction of afferent stimulation
  2. Passive concentration
  3. Mental repetition

Passive concentration means to concentrate on inner sensations and being an observer.

Are you ready to try six standard exercises and see how this method works for you?

1. Passive concentration is a method that focuses on feeling warm. For example, you can say “My left arm is warm”.Beautiful Girl Realxing On the Grass

2. You can make your muscles relax by saying “My right arm is heavy”. You will experience the same feeling in the other extremities at the same time. Maybe at first, it doesn’t seem to work, but with time it will.

Maybe you need a week and this short concentration can trigger the sensation of heaviness, and you will feel more relaxed.

3. You can say “My heartbeat is regular and calm”, and this way, you will affect your cardiac activity and relax.

4. Concentrate on abdominal region and say this formula “My solar plexus is warm”.

5. When you concentrate on the respiratory mechanism, say “It breathes me”.

6. You can concentrate on the cranial region by saying the formula “My forehead is cool”.

There is something you should remember: you always need to concentrate on the already learned exercises and then you can add a new one.


Autogenic training is used in many pathophysiological and psychological disorders such as bronchial asthma, hypertension, depression, and anxiety.

Studies showed significant positive effects, and people were feeling better, and their quality of life was improved.

There is even a measure for reporting the clinical effectiveness of this training, and it is formulated by researchers in Japan.

Is this Different From Other Relaxation Techniques?

Woman is MeditatingYes, the principle of passive concentration is what makes this technique different from other methods such as biofeedback.

Autogenic training is like a self-hypnotic technique. Why is that important? I believe that not many of us want to give a control to someone, but with this technique, you don’t need to worry about it.

I think that autogenic training can be similar to guided meditation.


Autogenic training is a special technique that you can use for relaxation and better sleep.

I didn’t try this method before, but sometimes I do similar things for relaxation before meditation.

What do you think about this method? Did you use it before? Let me know below!

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