What is Pulsatilla? – Great Remedy For Stress Relief

Do you want to know, what is Pulsatilla? How can it help you with stress and anxiety relief? Here you can find Pusaltilla Homeopathic remedies. Are you ready to know more about it?

Beautiful Pulsatilla

Nowadays stress is what makes us feel overwhelmed, tired and slowly it destroys not only our relationships, normal life, but also our lives.

It takes away everything piece by piece if we can’t stop it. This is why it’s important to learn proper stress management, rest and relax often.

Who wants to get burnout, because of some job that takes away all time that we have?

Rest, relax and breath is what we need to do. I hope you have some stress management techniques in place and ready to use when it’s time when it’s necessary.

Here you can find four Pulsatilla remedies from Amazon bestseller list.

What is Pulsatilla?

Pulsatilla is a plant that is used as medicine, and it can treat many conditions. For example, it can be used for tension (stress) headaches, migraine, trouble sleeping, hyperactivity, and nerve pain (neuralgia).

Pasque FlowerThere are many uses for Pulsatilla, but mostly I will talk about how Pulsatilla can help you with stress management. It can help you with:

  • Trouble sleeping. Sleep is a very important way to reduce stress, and if you can’t get enough sleep it can cause many physical and mental health problems.
  • Tension headaches. Stress and other things can cause tension headaches that make you less efficient and productive. Of course, they are painful too, and who wants to suffer?
  • General restlessness.
  • Nerve problems.
  • Other conditions. Remember that stress is the silent killer, and it can cause many illnesses. If this remedy can treat them, it can help with stress caused illnesses.

Pulsatilla is used in homeopathy that is the most natural form of healing and doesn’t cause some side effects that traditional medicine does.

Pulsatilla is not only able to fight pain, spasms, bacteria, and fever, but it also has calming effects like a sedative and that is useful for stress and anxiety relief.

According to WebMD, there isn’t enough information about this plant to know what kind of side effects might be or it is safe to use. But in my opinion, this kind of homeopathic remedy is much better than traditional medicine drugs what any doctor prescribes.

Pulsatilla Homeopathic Remedies

Here you can find four Pulsatilla homeopathic remedies that may help you with stress relief and other things. It wasn’t easy to write these reviews, because there isn’t much information about each of these remedies.

1. Pulsatilla 30c

My Rating: 4,5 out of 5Pulsatilla 30c

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Description: This potency 30c 4 gram dosage dispensers contains about 100 pillules. Usually, this remedy is used for childhood infections, colds, and coughs. This remedy may improve your mood when you are ill.

Pillules may be crushed before being taken or dissolved in boiled cooled water. This remedy is made from the Pulsatilla Vulgaris plant, and the whole plane is used including the root.

Ingredients: Pulsatilla Vulgaris plant


  • Suitable for all ages


  • One customer complained about a damaged package

2. Nelsons Clikpak Pulsatilla 30c

My Rating: 4,5 out of 5Nelsons Clikpak Pulsatilla 30c

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Description: This is a homeopathic medicine that is available in a 30c potency, and this unique dispenser is easy to use. The pillules are protected in an inner glass vial, and it’s easy to use.

Ingredients: Pulsatilla Vulgaris plant


  • Many customers are very satisfied with this product. They said that this supplement helped them treat many conditions and feel better.


  • Some customers didn’t see the difference while taking this supplement
  • Some customers complained that the bottle was broken and they can’t get the pills.

3. Ainsworths 30C Pulsatilla Homeopathic Remedy – Pack of 120 Tablets

My Rating: 4,5 out of 5 Ainsworths 30C Pulsatilla Homeopathic Remedy - Pack of 120 Tablets

Where to Buy: CHECK IT OUT

Description: Ainsworths Pulsatilla 30 c is a homeopathic medicine product with a 30c potency. Homeopathic remedies are the ones that can stimulate your body to cure itself. It’s believed that Homeopathy is a very safe form of medicine.

Ingredients: 30C Pulsatilla


  • Customers mostly are satisfied with this product


Couldn’t find any complaints

4. 6 Pack of Weleda Pulsatilla 30c 125 Tablet

My Rating: 4,5 out of 56 Pack of Weleda Pulsatilla 30c 125 Tablet

Where to Buy: CHECK IT OUT

Description: This pulsatilla remedy is ideal for active or acute use, and it can be used when there is a physical and/or emotional element to the condition. This homeopathic medicine needs to be taken for a short time (7 days). Available in 125 tablets.

Ingredients: Pulsatilla pratensis 30C homeopathic potency on 100mg lactose/sucrose tablets.


  • Suitable for Vegetarians


  • Contains sucrose and lactose

Final ThoughtsPasque Flower

Pulsatilla is a great remedy that is used in homeopathic, can treat man conditions and help with stress management. Why do you want to try it?

Remember, that is better to consult with a health professional.

Now you know, what is Pulsatilla? What do you think about these homeopathic remedies? Did you use them before? Let me know below!

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Thank you! Until next time!

Linda Mo

Founder of How To Reduce Stress Naturally

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