What’s The Difference Between Stress And Anxiety? 3 Ways To Know (Part I)

What's The Difference Between Stress And AnxietyHi, everyone! How are you feeling today? Are you feeling stressed and anxious? Do you want to know, what’s the difference between stress and anxiety? I think I didn’t even know the difference until today. Maybe no one really knows.

Today I introduce you three ways to know the difference. Let’s see!

So What’s The Difference Between Stress And Anxiety?

Many people think that stress and anxiety are the same. Maybe you are one of them.  

Always if I have a stress, then I also have anxiety.

I think that stress and anxiety are related to each other and similar. They have a close relationship. 

Do you want me to explain?

At first, do you want to hear a short story? A fairy tale?

Okay, I will tell you anyway.

Once upon a time, there lived a very rich and knowledgeable king. He always rushed into things usually not considering other people feelings or opinions. His name was Stress (I am not joking. So don’t laugh). The king was always stressed because he had many responsibilities, and time management wasn’t his best quality. 

One day when he prepared to his first visit to the neighboring country after the war, he felt an emotion he never felt before – fear. But he didn’t have a choice, and the king went to this country with a feeling that something terrible is going to happen. However, it didn’t. He fell in love with a foreign princess named Fear.

With her Stress was balanced and in harmony with himself and the world. Of course, he married her, and soon his daughter Anxiety was born.

Now let’s continue with the subject! What is the difference and how to see it?

3 Ways To Know The Difference Between Stress And Anxiety

What's The Difference Between Stress And AnxietySometimes is too hard to see the difference between stress and anxiety, but you need understand it, because by knowing the difference you would know how to help yourself to feel better.

Stress can cause anxiety, and anxiety also could be a symptom of stress.

In fact, I can surely say that anxiety is a reaction to stress. At least, it for me.

Here are three ways how you can know the difference. So let’s dive in!

1. Over-respond to minor life stress

If you have a minor life stress moment, but you respond like it’s something really, really bad, for example, the apocalypse, it is anxiety. Is it the end of the world? Of course, it’s not, but if you feel like that, it can be a sure sign you suffer from anxiety.

What's The Difference Between Stress And AnxietyIn my country, there is a saying: don’t create elephant from a fly. Yes, maybe it is hard to understand. There goes another one. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. It means that somebody exaggerates the severity of the event, situation. Don’t do that if you could, because you can ruin your day. Do you want to live like that? Of course, you don’t. 

People with an anxiety disorder are worried about everything, for example, small accidents, project’s upcoming deadline, being late, relationships and any other things. 

2. Do you believe that there is something you can do to change things?

If you believe that you can create positive changes in your life no matter what kind of stressful event happened, then you are experiencing stress and not anxiety. 

You need to understand that feeling out of control is a difference between stress and anxiety. You always can make changes with your thoughts and actions.

3. Outside Pressures

What's The Difference Between Stress And AnxietyAs an anxiety is a reaction to stress, you can’t definitely say that you are dealing only with anxiety.

For me, stress usually goes hand in hand with anxiety.  Sometimes you just need to think about it and assess the situation and your feelings. 

Let’s think about it! You need to be honest here, honest to yourself. Are you worried about the future and your place in it? Do you have a lot of non-explained fear and that makes you feel uneasy? Are you worrying about the situation in the world, about something that is not connected to your life?


Are you tired and feeling a lot of pressure from your job, projects or relationships?



You Need To Know What To Do? Some Tips Are Needed

In both cases, you can help yourself, and I strongly believe that. I had an anxiety a while ago, and maybe sometimes I still have it like all other people do.

Meditation could help you to reduce stress and anxiety you are feeling and even heal yourself. There are natural remedies and many tips for stress relief that can help you with anxiety too. 

What's The Difference Between Stress And AnxietyHuman mind and body are strong, and I am sure that both of them can deal with the situation. Our lifestyle, society, system have things that cause stress and anxiety. We need to change so many things there and in our own lives. Your attitude and your reaction to events are important.

Of course, I am not a medical specialist, and sometimes you need to contact them or just talk to somebody you love. It is your decision, and I am just offering here my opinion, personal experience, and understanding of these issues.


What's The Difference Between Stress And AnxietyDo you now understand, what’s the difference between anxiety and stress?  I know, that sometimes it’s not so easy to see the difference and sometimes stress and anxiety are felt at the same time. I believe it’s not always easy to determine the difference.

You need to remember to relax and not working all the time. It’s known that stress cause many health issues, and anxiety isn’t good either. Take this life less seriously.

I would love to know about you. What do you use to let go of stress and anxiety? Are you suffering from them? Let me know below! My comment section is waiting for your thoughts and opinions.

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Until next time!

Linda Mo

Founder of How To Reduce Stress Naturally


  1. My wife suffers from anxiety and most of it is fear based not stress based. I think that this is a good article for everyone to read since we all suffer from stress and anxiety at some point in our lives.

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Joseph!
      Anxiety can be fear based, but we never can say for sure. Maybe it’s all together.
      For me, if there is stress in my life, I also feel anxiety.
      I believe we all suffer from stress and anxiety from time to time.
      I hope your wife will get better, and I know how difficult is to live with anxiety.
      Does she take medication? What kind of methods does she use to ease her anxiety?

      Thanks for your comment, Joseph!

      • Yes, she takes a couple of different anxiety medications. She also has different mindfulness techniques that she tries to use to handle the attacks on her own. We are always on the look out for new information and new ways to deal with her anxiety.

        • I see. It is great that she uses mindfulness techniques.
          I had a bad anxiety in the past. I never used any medications, so I guess your wife has worse symptoms, that I had. One day everything changed for me, and I got better. Of course, I am not completely healed from my anxiety.
          I used meditation, and somehow my perception of the world changed. I can’t surely tell you what happened, but something did, and now I feel much better than before.
          Anxiety is a terrible feeling, and I don’t want anyone to feel it.
          I hope your wife gets better. I wish you the best!

  2. Melissa

    Crazy how similar but different anxiety and stress can be so I can see how they are confused. I have felt anxiety in my life before and I didn’t like it I would say it is the meaner older brother of stress. Knowing the difference is good because you don’t want a doctor misdiagnosing you. Thanks for the info!

    • Linda Mo

      Yes. Sometimes I don’t even see the difference, and that is why I wrote this article.
      I felt anxiety many times in the past, and it is a terrible feeling.
      Thanks for your comment, Melissa!

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