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What are the best hobbies for stress relief?

Nowadays we all experience stress, and sometimes it’s not easy to release tension and worry that you feel about your job, your relationships, your life. Everything seems so overwhelming that you don’t know what to.

Engaging in hobbies can help you relieve stress, and I am sure you would feel much better if you would try them for yourself.

There are a lot of many great hobbies that you can choose from, but this list of hobbies is the best for stress management.

Best Hobbies For Stress Relief


Writing is something I always loved to do, and as long as I remember myself I wrote something. It was a diary, reflection, plan, some story or poem. Writing always was my escape from daily life and stress. It was my safe haven where I can feel at home and alive, where nobody can find me and destroy my peace.

Female writing a diary

Writing helped me see who I am and still, I always find something more to my being and perception of the world by writing my thoughts and feelings. I am not the only one who see writing as a great way to relieve anxiety and stress. Many people use journaling as a tool to heal from emotional and mental problems and reduce their stress.

Writing a Plan


I never knew before how great stress reliever is gardening, but lately, I enjoy this activity so much. I also have many plants in my flat, and by looking at them I feel calmer. I enjoy looking at their green leaves and beautiful blossoms.

Gardening can bring so much joy in your life, and getting more sunshine and fresh air is great for your health and well-being. Natural surrounding alone can greatly relieve stress and worry.

Ecology of Your Garden


Creating a puzzle can be a nice break from something that is stressing you. It’s like a distraction because you focus on something else than your worry, anxious thoughts, and stress. I am sure you will return to your issues and daily life with a fresher perspective and that can help you see everything clearer and solve your problems.

Pieces of the Puzzle For Stress Relief


Creative activities always is a great way to say goodbye to stress that seems to be everywhere you look. Painting and drawing can be a distraction from everyday stressors and stressful thoughts and worries that keep coming and coming.

Artist paint

Painting can be both meditation and vacation, and I am sure you will feel much better after engaging in drawing or painting because these activities are so relaxing and promote harmony.

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Almost everyone will tell you that music relieves stress and anxiety. How about playing a piano, guitar or another musical instrument?

I believe it’s the same. My brother once said that playing the guitar is his relaxation and escape from stress. How does it work?

Playing the piano can be a powerful stress relieving hobby because you need to be fully focused on this activity. It’s a creative way to say goodbye to your stress and share this atmosphere with others.

Playing the Piano


Knitting is a craft that can be used as a great way to reduce stress by creating beautiful gifts for yourself or your friends. This activity may help you to let go of nervous energy and be in the present moment.

Knitting For Stress Relief


I hope this post helped you to find the next hobby that can be beneficial to your well-being and helpful in managing stress.

What do you think about these hobbies? Which one do you want to try? What are the best hobbies for stress relief? What hobbies help you manage your stress? Let me know below!

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Thank you! Until next time!

Linda Mo

Founder of How To Reduce Stress Naturally

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