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How Reading Reduces StressHey, my friend! How are you today? Maybe you are feeling a little bit stressed? Are you? I hope you aren’t, but if you do, I will show you a great and interesting way to reduce stress quickly.

Are you up for the ride? Do you know how reading reduces stress? If not, I will tell you all about it.

Before I begin, I only have one question for you. Do you like to read? Do you love books? If the answer is yes, then this article is meant for you.

Some time ago I asked myself, does reading reduce stress? But in fact, deep down I already knew the answer because reading helped me live through my school years that were psychologically hard and stressful.

How Reading Reduces Stress?

Of course, we all know that reading is good for the brain. Does it help for stress relief?

How Reading Reduces StressA study that was made by neuropsychologist David Lewis revealed that reading is a powerful tool for stress relief. Participants tried stress relief methods such as listening to music, drinking tea or taking a walk to relax, but reading worked the best.

Basically, you only need to read for six minutes to reduce stress levels by 68 percent. Isn’t it cool?

I can’t agree more with what David Lewis said after this research:

Losing yourself in a book is the ultimate relaxation.

Reading can become your distraction from everyday worries and anxiety, and you can feel more freedom.

How Reading Reduces Stress

Read in a Quiet Place and Relax

You need to find a quiet place to read because it is more enjoyable and relaxing. Of course, it’s not always possible.

Reading is an activity that gives your body and mind time to recharge and explore new imaginary worlds that are so different than your sometimes ordinary life. I am sure that you will become more creative and energetic. In this way, you find new ways to enjoy your life.

How Reading Reduces StressYou can dream, you can laugh, and stress just falls away. When you enjoy yourself, you can’t be stressed or anxious. Right? At least, I can’t.

Reading for me is dreaming and traveling to new realities. I usually forget everything that is stressing me out and just live.

In some strange way is like a meditation. Because you usually only think and be in the reality that book you read brings to your attention.

Reading is a journey. It’s fun. It is a joy. If you enjoy something, it can give release from stress even if it is for a little while.

Reading also increases empathy, and you can understand others better. That can make your life easier because we are here for each other to build this world together. When we truly connect with each other, there can’t be stress.


Can Reading Relieve Stress For Everyone?

How Reading Reduces StressSurely, reading reduces stress, but is it work for everyone? Of course, not. If you don’t like to read, and you don’t enjoy this activity, it won’t work.

For some people, reading is a chore, and it can’t be good if you are forced to read a book for school. You can’t enjoy it. I believe that you will become more stressed if that is the case.

I know at least two persons, who said to me, that reading makes them stressful. What about you, my friend?

What to Read if you are Stressed? What kind of Novel can be Great for Stress Relief?

It’s a good question, but the answer is so simple. It depends on you. If you enjoy the novel you read, laugh and forget about your worries, anxiety, and stress, then it’s the right novel.

It doesn’t matter which genre, because it’s for your enjoyment. Maybe for some of you, when you read a horror novel, you can relieve stress and engage in a different world with different rules, and in this way, you let go of tension. 

For me, fantasy and science fiction novels are the ones that bring balance and I can forget about the stress and worries of this world because I visit another place where everything is so different and more interesting. It is an escape, relaxation and I can let go of stress so easily. These books are my favorite ones.

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There are many great fantasy books that you can read for stress and anxiety relief and forget about your worries. You can try one of these:

The Book of Hidden Things  Spinning Silver Iron Gold


How Reading Reduces StressNow you understand that reading is important for your physical and mental well-being.

Did you enjoy this article? Do you read books? Or are you going to start reading books?

What do you think about reading? Is this all true for yourself? Let me know below!


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Linda Mo

Founder of How To Reduce Stress Naturally


  1. I never knew that reading could reduce stress. That is really cool to know. It is quite a fun activity. A good books takes you to a world full of adventure and unknown.

    I have a question though. Is there any difference for stress level reduction between a nonfiction and a fiction book? Thank you in advance and I hope you have a great day.

    • Hi, Alex! Thanks for your comment!
      Yes, not many people know this, but I think I always knew, because I felt better after reading, more relaxed. Reading is one of the activities I truly enjoy.

      It is a good question. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter what you read (fiction or nonfiction) as long as you enjoy it.

  2. Linda, wow, one sentence in your article really caught my attention, “Basically, you only need to read for six minutes to reduce stress levels by 68 percent.” I needed to really let that figure sink in. Yes, I like reading books. However I don’t read as much as I used to as I have other interests in my life. When I was younger I used to read books and magazines a lot more. I used to read a book in bed before going asleep. The problem with that of course, is that the book would be so good that I would read a lot longer than I should. However after reading your excellent post that indicates I only need to read for six minutes to reduce stress levels by 68 percent, I will be taking up reading again in bed just before sleeping and somehow limit my reading for between 6 minutes and 10 minutes. My favourite author back in the day was Tom Clancy, he wrote a number of great fiction books which I enjoyed reading.

    • Hi, David!
      Thanks for your comment!
      It’s good to know, that you liked my post and I caught your attention with that sentence. lol. :). Reading always helped me with stress and anxiety relief, so I wasn’t surprised by that study about reading.
      I also don’t read as much as I used to, but after reading this study, I try to read more.
      I never heard about Tom Clancy, but I will check it.
      Thanks again, David!

  3. Thanks Linda, I read Self-Help books mostly, and some business related books.

    There’s an effective technique to reduce stress, (maybe you know it already), called brainwave entrainment music, binaural beats, isochronic tones, etc.. it’s like meditation with faster results…

    you can find some good stuff on YouTube, just search:
    stress relief brain waves
    stress relief binaural beats music ,, etc..

    Hope this helps.

  4. Jay

    I find reading sometimes to be very relaxing. It really can help reduce stress. I just cozy up on my bed and read a really nice book. It has really been of great help to me. I find fictional books much better in helping me reduce my stress because it is like I just completely immerse myself into someone else’s world. 

    It’s pretty amazing and I would definitely recommend it for those that like reading.

    • Linda Mo

      It’s great to read that you love to read and it reduces stress for you, Jay. Reading books, great novels helped me in the past and still help me in times of stress and anxiety. By reading books we can travel wherever we want and when we want. This activity reduces stress and makes us feel better.

  5. AV 2001

    Hey Linda! How are you doing? I really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with tonnes of valuable information and it was interesting as well. To be honest, I tend to read a lot whenever I feel stressed out as reading takes you to a whole new world. Reading an adventurous book in general helps a lot as you tend to sink in to the story. The feeling you get from is wonderful. 

    Thank you taking your time in writing this post. Well done! 

    • Linda Mo

      Hi! I am great. Thanks for asking! Thank you for your kind words! Believe me, it was interesting for me too.  

      Yes, we can travel to different worlds and forget about our stress. It is amazing feeling. I am glad that you like to read and feel that it helps you relieve stress. 

      Thank you! I was my pleasure. 

  6. Simon Renwick

    Hi Linda,

    Thank you for the great post! 

    I have never made the connection between reading and stress relief, but it actually makes a lot of sense. I mean, I have never put a book down and felt stressed out from what I can remember.

    I also have a quick question for you.

    I do a lot of reading on my kindle or tablet, does that make a difference in stress relief? i.e. having a bright screen etc



    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Simon! Thank you!

      I also never made the connection between reading and stress relief before I started to think about ways to reduce stress. 

      Of course, there is difference, because if you want to get good night sleep which is important for stress relief, you should avoid technology before bed. It’s always better to read a physical book, and for me, it makes a difference. Speaking about tablet or kindle, there is also a difference, because kindle e-reader is meant for reading books so it’s better than tablet in this case. 

      Have a great day! If you have more questions, you can ask me. 

  7. Nathalie

    Thank you very much for this interesting article, Linda. My 11-year-old son LOVES to read before bed time. It really does help him calm down before going to sleep. 

    I also agree with you that it depends on what we read and whether we enjoy it or not. I can imagine that reading a thriller could increase stress instead of reducing it… I remember having to read some books, for my studies, that I had not chosen myself… not relaxing! 😉 

    You sound like you read a lot! I’m curious… what is your all-time favourite book?


    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Nathalie! Thank you! It was interesting to write it. 🙂 I remember when I was very young, I read before bedtime but I never wanted to put my book down. I was so engaged in a story and I wanted to know how it ends. 

      It’s always important to do what we enjoy, because we can reduce stress this way and relax. If you don’t like what you read, it wouldn’t be fun and relaxing. 

      I have used to read more, but now I read less than in the past, I believe. It’s a difficult question, and I need to think about it, because there are too many books I love, and I can’t just choose one.

  8. jagi

    I personally love reading no matter where I am. It is truly one of the most stress reducing activities I have encountered. Not only do I reduce stress, but I also get to escape to the another land, be it a fantasy place or real. The more descriptive book, the more stress I am able to release. Love your article. 

    • Linda Mo

      It is true. I love reading so much, and I always feel better after I do. It’s truly amazing what reading a book can do. We can travel to different worlds and can still be at home.

      Thank you! Have a great day!

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