How To Calm Down When Stressed – 5 Things to Do

How to calm down when stressedHow to calm down when stressed? How to calm down? This is important to think about. It is very hard to deal with stress, anxiety, and worries, and these days it becomes harder and harder. We all know this, right? Here you can find five things that you can do to calm down yourself.

Chronic stress is something that all need to be aware of and stop from happening. It is easier said than done. Littler bit short time stress is fine and it helps you to be better, more efficient and strive for something new too.

Short-time stress is something that is easier manageable, but when it becomes chronic stress, then we have serious problems. So better to manage any kind of stress or anxiety than to end up with chronic stress that could take over your life and world even.

How To Calm Down When Stressed?

Sometimes it is not easy to calm down when you are stressed and full of anxiety, it seems that you can’t even think clearly and your mind is clouded. So how can you get ready for your exam or meet a deadline in your work/job? You simply can’t.

If you calmed down, you are also much better to understand your stress and what stressful situation you are experiencing in the first place and you can address the situation much better and help yourself to deal with stress much better in the long run.

How To Calm Down When Stressed

So here are simple ways how you can help yourself. There are more than these five ways to calm yourself down, but here we talk only about five of these ways that could help you deal with stress.

1. Go and be in Nature and get some Fresh Air

Nature is really amazing way that can help you to rest, relax and also it is great for dealing with when you are stressed. It can renew yourself and it also helps you to learn what you want to do in your life and with your life. It is a little bit like a reset button and makes you think about your priorities and, at the same understand who you are.

Being in nature gives you more energy to deal with everyday things and not only that, you reconnect with yourself and it is so great for your well-being.

How To Calm Down When Stressed

The other thing to remember is that sometimes you just need nothing else than just fresh. Did you ever think that air circulation and temperature in a room can increase your anxiety or even anger?

These kinds of conditions can even cause a panic attack.

Even just feel minutes outside your office space can make you feel better. Fresh air can help you to calm down, but not only that. Change of environment and scenery can be good for you and sometimes interrupt your anxious thoughts and make you feel better. 

2. Take a Short Walk

This step actually is close or almost the same as the first one. 🙂

Exercise is a great stress reliever and can help you to blow off steam. That way endorphins are released and moving your body for a bit could help you, even it is just 5 or 10 minutes that you can spare for that.

Of course, if you can find more time and take your walk outside is much better. Fresh air, trees, nature, and the same old change of scenery can do wonders for you.

How To Calm Down When Stressed

If you walk with a good friend, you can get social support that is also an important way to deal with stress and calm down. My favorite thing is walking alone and I always feel better when I come back home. That gives me some time to think and I almost always come back with more optimism than I had before I went for a walk.

These kinds of walks get you out of stressful situations temporarily and provide some new perspective on your current situation. It is always amazing to return in a new frame of mind and I can really say for my experience – it really helps. Sometimes it seems a little bit like magic – the magic you created by taking time for yourself.

3. Get Something to Eat or Drink

Sometimes it is as easy as this. Many of these techniques wouldn’t even work if you lack water and are not properly hydrated or hungry. Maybe you just need to drink water or get something to eat and after that, you would feel much better.

4. Breathe

Believe it or not, but breathing is really important and actually the most effective technique for reducing anxiety and anger, according to Scott Dehorty (Delphi Behavioral Health)

So imagine: if you are anxious and stressed, you are taking quick and shallow breaths and that sends a message to your brain and reinforcingfight or flight response.

How To Calm Down When Stressed

But if you are taking deep, long, calming breaths, it helps you calm down disrupting that loop.

There are various breathing techniques to help you calm down when you are feeling stressed. For example, three-part breathing. It requires you to take one deep breath in, then fully exhale while paying attention to your body.

Practice this or any other breathing method while you calm so you would be ready to do them when feeling anxious and stressed.

5. Listen to Music

A lot of my friends and people whom I asked what helps them relax, reduce stress and calm down, said that listening to music is what is doing that trick.

Basically listening to music can have a very calming effect on your mind and body. So next time when you feeling stressed and wanna calm down, grab your headphones and put on your favorite music and that could be one of the best things you could do for your well-being.

How To Calm Down When Stressed


Hopefully, this post about how to calm down when stressed helped you. I know it is not easy especially these days when it seems there are more troubles and issues everywhere and a lot of things make us stressed, worried, or anxious.

Of course, for each of us, there are different ways that help us to calm down. What helps one person may not help that way to another one. We are different in our ways to deal with things and that is something that some people tend to forget. 

Here are five things in this article that may help you overcome stress when you are overwhelmed. Keep in mind that when you have been able to calm down, you are in a better position to address and deal with whatever stressful situation you are experiencing.

What are the things that help you to calm down when stressed? Are these things mentioned in this post or not? Let us know below in the comment section. We tend to improve our posts and articles so we can better help our readers.

Thanks! Thanks for reading! Have a nice day!

Linda Mo

Founder and owner of How To Reduce Stress Naturally


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