Meditation and Stress Relief – New Information (Part 1)

Meditation and Stress ReliefHi, everyone! When I woke up today, I didn’t know that I will be writing this post. But then I read one interesting article on the web, and it gave me an idea. I decided that you need to know this information. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.  Let’s talk about meditation and stress relief!

Meditation and Stress Relief

Do you know that meditation reduces stress? Somehow I am sure you know that meditation like other mind-body practices is a great tool for stress relief. I think you wouldn’t be reading this article if you at least didn’t suspect it. Are you curious why I am writing this article today and what exactly I want to tell you? Be patient, my friend! :)

New Study

Meditation and Stress ReliefAccording to a study published in the journal Frontiers In Immunology, meditation and related practices (mindfulness, yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong) induce gene expression changes.

People who practice meditation experience reduced production of a molecule (nuclear factor kappa or NF-kB) that regulates gene expression. Do you have the fight or flight response to stressful situations? We all have it. Stressful events trigger activity in your nervous system, and because of this activity, you have that kind of response. 

This activity in your nervous system leads to the production of NF-kB, and then molecules of cytokines are produced. If this reaction is continuous, it can cause serious health problems. 

This study suggests that meditation lowers the production of cytokines and NF-kB. So meditation can help you to reduce stress, and it is good for your health and well-being. Do you know that meditation helps to stave off health conditions, that stress can cause?Meditation and Stress Relief

Did you know that meditation leaves a molecular signature in your cells? According to scientist Ivana Buric, this reverses the effects that stress would have on the body. Isn’t it amazing? Meditation and similar practices are powerful tools to help you reduce stress and be healthy. 


It is proven that meditation help with stress relief. So why wouldn’t you want to do it?

Return to this website and read more about meditation and stress relief. Remember, this is only part one – our first journey together.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Are you ready to share your thoughts, experiences, and ideas? I would be happy to read about them. 🙂

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Linda Mo

The Founder of How To Reduce Stress Naturally


  1. Rob

    I love this article. I know meditation is great for your health as I have practiced it. It helps combat stress, anxiety, and depression – all which sometimes can be associated with each other. I am a biology major and have taken classes related to genetics and gene expression. I can attest that unhealthy situations such as stressful events does alter the way your genes are expressed in an unhealthy way. Specifically, I believe these unhealthy events methylate the DNA – changing the expression but not altering the sequence. Fortunately and like you said, exercises like mediation can help combat this. That is why it is so important. I think more people need to realize the wonders mediation does not only to your body but to your mind and soul. Thanks for sharing Linda. I am happy there are people like me and you that live to help others regarding their mental health.

    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Rob! Thank you for your comment! I am glad you like it and that you agree. Our mental health is essential if we want to be happy. Meditation helps me with anxiety and stress relief. Sometimes when I feel a little bit depressed, meditation is a great tool to help me with it.
      Many people don’t know or realize that meditation can help them to resolve their problems and make them healthier and happier. 🙂

  2. I have been trying my hand at meditation but find it very difficult. However this article has inspired me to keep at it! I can learn a lot from you. Thanks for doing what you do.

  3. Elektra

    Thanks for the great reminder of how meditation can relieve stress and make our life better. I’m a big advocate for meditation too. I hope mere and more people can try it and make it a part of their day.

    • Linda Mo

      Yes, meditation changed my life and still do. 🙂 It is great that you are meditating, and I hope for that too.

  4. I have been meditating for several years now and am enjoying life more and more every day. It’s not just the meditation but applying the other things I have learned into my life. I don’t want to just “BE’, but “THRIVE” as a human being. I use any hack I can find to do so. So whatever I can read and study and learn I do. Life is Good.


    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Brent! I believe that just “BE” means to “THRIVE”. 🙂 But I understand what you meant.
      It is great that more and more people meditate and change their lives for the better.

  5. I have been wanting to start meditating for some time and as usual with most things, Whenever am starting out on something, I always do it however I can until I perfect it. So with meditation, the best I can do right now is to sit still and just enjoy the calm composure. Sometimes I find my thoughts wandering off and I even forget I was meditating! Practice will make it perfect. Thank you for sharing the information.

    • Linda Mo

      Thank you for sharing your story, Ami! Meditation can help us with many things, and it is great that you started it.

  6. Samuel Winick

    Very cool approach to explaining how meditation helps reduce stress. I like learning about things on the molecular level.

    I will certainly have to meditate more, I have too many NF-kB !

    • Linda Mo

      Thank you very much! It warms my heart and makes me smile. 🙂
      You should. I think we all have too many NF-kB. 😀

  7. kourtney

    Hey great post! I am a true believer in meditation calming the mind and the fight or flight system, its good to know that its backed up with scientific evidence aswell! I’ve definately learnt a few facts from this post. The biggest problem I have is consistency, sticking at it everyday is where i struggle, especially when i get a streak of doing it for a while when i stop for a few days it will cause me to stop for weeks!

    • Linda Mo

      Thanks! Consistency is important because then you can see the benefits of meditation more clearly. Sometimes I also lack consistency. But I don’t know where I would be if I wouldn’t meditate. It eases my anxiety and helps with stress relief.

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