6 Office Stress Relief Toys – Have Fun

When you are feeling stressed at work, it is great to have office stress relief toys that can help you to relieve tension, anxiety, and worry. They can help you concentrate and focus on the job at hand. Stress relief toys are great gifts for your coworkers, friends, and family.

Here are 6 office stress relief toys.

Office Stress Relief Toys

1. ColorMax Baoding Balls Chinese Health Exercise Stress Balls

The Best Place to Buy: CHECK IT OUTColorMax Baoding Balls Chinese Health Exercise Stress Balls

Description: Baoding balls are also known as Chinese Exercise Balls or Chinese Stress Balls, and they are based on traditional Chinese acupressure therapy. By rolling these balls in your hand while you are sitting in the office, you can use a very clever way of massaging all the acupressure points.

When your hands are busy, you usually can focus better on a task that you need to finish. Acupressure therapy stimulates the nervous system and increases blood circulation. This way Baoding balls can help you with stress relief.

Material: Steel


  • Magnetic field stimulates the nervous system and increases blood circulation
  • Great instrument for healthcare, and a massager for pressing acupoints in your palms


  • One customer complained that the box has a massive chip

2. Buddha Board Black Mini Board

The Best Place to Buy: CHECK IT OUT

Description:Buddha Board Black Mini BoardMini Buddha Board is based on the Zen concept of living in the present moment. Living in the present moment is what can help you to be free of stress and worry.

How can you use it? We all know that drawing and creative activities can help us relieve stress in our daily lives. But sometimes many of us don’t feel confident about our artistic skills, and that is why we avoid drawing or painting. But don’t worry! This tool will help you to get past that feeling.

You can simply paint on the surface with water, but when the water evaporates, your art will magically disappear. Imagine, that this way stress can disappear from your life forever. Isn’t it a great feeling? You can use this board for many years to paint again and again.

This amazing office stress relief toy can help you live for the moment and enjoy.

Buddha board comes with its painting brush and is offered in five colors. It also has ten special stickers (for Christmas, birthdays, romance, joy and more).

Material: Thick plastic


  • Environmentally friendly, reusable and only uses water
  • It’s a great gift, and the sender can apply to personalize the cover with special-occasion stickers
  • You don’t need to be concerned with each outcome and just enjoy the moment


  • Some customer complained about the poor quality and that this toy broke after a couple of uses

3. Pizies Professional Wood Mini Fingerboards Assembly Skateboard Scooter Fans Toy Gift Black

The Best Place to Buy: CHECK IT OUTPizies Professional Wood Mini Fingerboards Assembly Skateboard

Description: This stress relief toy is made from a high-quality wood board. Every wheel use all-closed bearing wheels that reduce friction. This Basic complete fingerboard comes with all accessories.

Release your stress with this toy and let your finger have fun with it.

Material: Wood, alloy, ABS


  • High functioning thick PU antiskid material cover also protect your finger during playing
  • Durable to use, fine workmanship, fast and smooth
  • You can choose from different colors (Light Blue/Black/White/Navy/Red/Yellow)


  • Some customers complained about poor quality

4. Stress Relief Toy Set, Squishy Mesh Ball, Grape Shaped Squeeze Ball, TPR Toy, Magic Gift for Kids and Adults, Tricky Toy for Fidget Anxiety Relief (Four Colors) (4 colors)

The Best Place to Buy: CHECK IT OUTStress Relief Toy Set, Squishy Mesh Ball, Grape Shaped Squeeze Ball

Description: This squishy mesh ball is great for relieving stress, anxiety and increasing focus. If you are feeling stressed, you can simply squeeze the ball to help release tension and pressure.

It is easy to play – you simply need to squeeze the ball to get some frustrations out.

This stress relief toy set contains 4 balls of different colors (red, blue, green and orange).

Material: high-quality silica gel. The ball is filled with crystal mud. But even if it bursts, the crystal mud will not spill over quickly.


  • This is a perfect toy that relieves stress and anxiety for adults and kids
  • The squishy mesh ball will not burst easily, and it is safe and non-toxic


  • An Excessive squeeze of the same grid may cause rapid aging and shorten the life of the ball

5. Cuby Anti-Stress 171 Riven Magnetic Balls in Various Sizes With Magnets, Magnetic Desk Decorative Sculpture Toy Bert

The Best Place to Buy: CHECK IT OUTCuby Anti-Stress 171 Riven Magnetic Balls in Various Sizes With Magnets

Description: This magnetic desk sculpture is an interactive toy that is portable for traveling. You can make a wide variety of shapes and have fun with your friends.


  • It’s a great toy for hand-eye coordination, grip, visual, other capacity building and stress relief
  • Durable and rustless
  • You can use as a decoration on your desk


  • It has small parts so it’s not good for children under 3 years
  • Some people complained about the quality and that this product is not as described

6. GeMoor 2Pack Table Fidget Roller Stick Tumbler Toy, Perfect for Office Home Party Bar Games

The Best Place to Buy: CHECK IT OUTGeMoor 2Pack Table Fidget Roller Stick Tumbler Toy

Description: This fidget roller is a great toy for the desk, and it helps relieve stress and anxiety. it is also good for ADHD sufferers and autism. There are no limits to the fun you could have with this toy.

Material: ultra-durable high-quality wood


  • Eco-friendly and easy to carry
  • Suitable for everyone and can help you improve your focus and hand-eye coordination
  • If something goes wrong with this toy, they will send you a replacement for free
  •  A fun toy for both kids and adults


I couldn’t find any complaints

Final Thoughts

Stress Ball - Office Stress Relief ToysWhen you would try these office stress relief toys, I am sure you will never understand how you lived without them. They are fun, and maybe some of them will seem too childish to you, but I think that the problem is that we are taking this life too seriously.

We worry and stress when there is needs to be fun and enjoyment for every moment. Life isn’t meant to be endless worry and stress. It is much more than that and sadly, we don’t truly understand that.

These great toys could remind you to be in the present moment and remember your childhood when you were free of worry and stress.

What do you think about these stress relief toys for adults? Let me know below!

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