Science and Stress – How to Relieve Stress?

Science and stress. Do you think science can tell you something about stress relief? How to relieve stress – that’s the question many people ask. I believe we all struggle with stress and even anxiety from time to time. But most importantly, it doesn’t matter if we know how to manage our stress efficiently.

Lady works Almost all of us live in a very stressful world that demands our attention, time and energy. Sometimes it seems like a never-ending cycle that is depleting our energy levels and making us even more stressful at an end of each day.

If we can’t manage our stress properly, it can make us ill and tired all the time. Stress is a killer that slowly can kill us all if we don’t know how to fight back and something about our anxiety and stress levels.

This post isn’t a scientific explanation about stress and how it affects us. This article is about something different – new study about a way how to reduce stress.

Science and Stress: How to Relieve Stress

Recently, I found out something interesting. According to a study that is published in Nature Human Behavior, you can relieve stress by thinking happy thoughts.

Micky Mouse134 adults participated in this experiment where for 14 seconds some participants were asked to think about a positive memory, but others were told to think about a neutral topic.

It’s amazing what happened next! The ones that remembered a happy memory felt much better and the surge of their cortisol (stress hormone) levels were only 15% of what the other group had.

There is more…

The experiment with another group showed even more interesting results, because the researchers scanned volunteers brains while both groups thought of neutral or happy memories.

Researchers found that thinking about good times showed increased activity in the regions of the brain that are associated with regulating cognitive and emotion (stress) control. Happy memories enhance well-being and they can become part of the strategy for coping with stress.


How to relieve stress? There are many ways to relieve stress in your life, but not everything always works in any given situation. We all are different and the situations are different, and sometimes we need to try something new. Right?

Youth and HappyToday I talked about science and stress – an interesting and great study that showed us another way to relieve stress. Here you saw how effective in reducing stress is positive, happy memories.

Science tells you to store happy memories and use in stressful times!

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you something to think about and use in your daily life.

Thank you! Until next time!

Linda Mo

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