What Is The Best Oil Diffuser? – Three Choices

What is the best oil diffuser and how can it impact your well-being and stress levels? That is really important to know especially understanding how Aromatherapy impacts your stress and anxiety levels.

Nowadays stress is everywhere and it is just not only stress which can help us to become better or survive. It is chronic stress that can destroy so many things in our lives and most importantly our health. This is why I think it is important to talk about stress management and ways to do it.

Today we are talking about one of the best ways to use essential oil to help you reduce chronic stress that is constant in your life and sometimes seemingly doesn’t want to go away no matter what you try. It just seems to return again and again.

What Is The Best Oil Diffuser?

Now we understood that essential oils can help with releasing stress and making us feel better and oil diffusers would be the best way how to use essential oils as a stress-relieving method. So let’s find out which one would be the best oil diffuser for you!

1. LWM Aromatherapy Machine, USB Wood Grain Vase Humidifier Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Office Home Air Purifier Sprayer Black

My Rating: 4,5 out of 5

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Description: This nice looking oil diffuser has a unique vase-like design with wood grain (finish) touch that looks beautiful in any place in your home. You can add your favorite essential oil drops and make your room smell like a garden with a fresh fragrance.

This oil diffuser is suitable for any decoration and it is easy to use. You just need to remove the lid, filling water in the central container, and add a few drops of selected essential oil.

It uses ultrasonic technology and produces an ultra-fine and smooth mist that moistures dry skin in winter and you can also use the air conditioner and that way breathe better.


+ very quiet during operation and easy to use

+ can prevent dry air and bacteria from infecting you

+ has the air conditioner that helps you breathe better

+ add a lovely aroma to your room

+ looks like a nice decoration of the room

+ free shipping


– may not be affordable for many households because it is expensive

– couldn’t find a lot of customer reviews

2. KINGA Essential Oil Diffusers Aroma Diffuser Humidifier Light Air Purifier Cool Mister Ultrasonic Electric Diffuser Waterless Auto-Off BPA-Free Portable Whisper-Quiet for Home, Office 300ML UK Adapter

My Rating: 4,5 out of 5

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Description: This Aromatherapy aroma diffuser is also a humidifier air purifier. It has a nice shape, unique style, and portable design.

According to the company, this diffuser can ensure that you can absorb every hydrated plant essential oil nutrient because it can give out the ultra fine and smooth uniform aromatherapy mist. It is like you can enjoy SPA anywhere and anytime you want.

This diffuser combines the benefits of aroma-therapy, light-therapy, and aqua-therapy. It can help you relax after work and sleep better.

Specifics: Power:12W Max; Voltage:110-240V,50/60 Hz; Size: D169MM*H121MM(6.6X4.7in); Water Capacity:300ML; Package weight:1.54lb/700g; Mist output: Around 33ml/h


+ Perfectly suitable for use at study, office, bedroom, bathroom, living room, fitness and yoga room, conference room, hotel, etc.

+ Fashionable and practicable design and it combines the benefits of  different therapies

+ Can be used also as a non-aromatherapy humidifier

+ It can be good for your health and skincare


-One customer complained that there is almost no aroma coming from this device and was disappointed

– Another customer called this as potential hazard risk, because after one year this diffuser stopped working, and later they found out that the parts of the circuitry had melted and burnt the PCB board.

– Other customers complained that this item didn’t work properly, a lot of noise, stopped working after a few months, etc.

3. SayHia Essential Oil Diffuser, 100ml Glass Aromatherapy Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Humidifier 3D Aromatic Night Light Aroma Essential Oil with Color Changing LED Night Lights

My Rating: 4,5 out of 5

Best Place to Buy: CHECK IT OUT

Description: This Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser is hand-made with glass 3D fireworks pattern and vase design. It is an amazingly perfect addition to your home, office, or studio.

This humidifier adds moisture to your air and that way eliminates dryness and helps with your skin. Basically it gives you a fresh and comfortable environment to be in. 

This diffuser can not only humify your air, but you can also use it as a soothing night light. It has a small and simple design with 7 changing night light colors. This compact size device with 100ml water capacity is the right size for use in your office, bedroom, or living room and would not take too much space. 


+ Easy to use

+ Compact design and can be right fit wherever you want it

+ Quiet and comfortable

+ Multifunctional: it can be used not only as a humidifier but also a soothing night light


-Couldn’t find any complaints about this device

Final Thoughts

The question of what is the best oil diffuser may be answered here and you can choose the best one from these ones mentioned above for your homes. We all are different and each of us knows what may be the best for them.

Even if you are skeptical about Aromatherapy helping you relax, feel better, and deal with stress, try it. Almost nobody can deny that being in nature and smelling flower fragrance is good for their well-being.

It is somehow relaxing and giving us some kind of peace that we so miss in everyday life. Right? So let’s try to use essential oils and experience relaxing and peaceful bliss coming from nature in an oil form through oil diffuser!

Thank you!

Until next time

Linda Mo

Founder of How To Reduce Stress Naturally

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