How To Deal With Stress The Healthy Way – 3 Easy Tips (Part 1)

In this post, I want to tell you about excellent tips that have helped me to deal with stress. I hope they would be helpful to you to relieve stress. Okay! Let’s explore how to deal with stress the healthy way!

1. Be In The Present Moment

How To Deal With Stress The Healthy WayI will not talk about meditation but in fact, living in the present moment is meditation.

I encourage you to try always to be in the present and not to think about the past or the future.

Do you want to know why? It is because you lose your energy thinking about the past or future moments. If you are in the present, you can’t feel stressed. Okay, maybe it depends on how you look at it, but at least, you be less stressed.

Understand that the deadline for your master thesis or project isn’t here yet. It’s in the future, and by being in the present you create the future. 


* Don’t think about the past or wonder about the future

* Focus on the task at hand

* Concentrate on your breathing

* Appreciate everything you have

2. Do What You Enjoy

How To Deal With Stress The Healthy WayWhen I felt stressed about upcoming days and weeks in the past, I always did something I enjoyed.

I read a book, and it became one of the best ways to cope with stress. It was my distraction, my journey to another place and my school.

In fact, reading a book still is a great way to deal with stress, and when I engage in this activity, I feel like I am truly living. I think that reading is also being in the present moment and being yourself.

Reading is a good way to reduce stress. Did you know that only 6 minutes of reading reduces stress levels by 68 %?

For many people, walking and appreciating nature is a good way to get new energy and relieve stress.

You can engage in any activity or hobby you like. Creative activities like drawing are an excellent way to reduce stress. But the most important thing to remember is that you need to do what you enjoy. You can’t be stressed if you are happy. 🙂

It’s even more amazing if your hobby can become your job, then you will not work a single day in your life, and you can consider yourself lucky. I believe that too often we are stressed because we aren’t happy and we don’t like what we are doing.

 3. Self-Talk and Affirmations

We all talk to ourselves and sometimes even load. Sometimes we sabotage ourselves with our negative thoughts. How about you? If you want to deal with stress, you need to use positive self-talk. Do you want examples?

I can handle things if I take one step at a time.How To Deal With Stress The Healthy Way

Everything is fine.

I know how to deal with this situation.

I am letting go of my worries

I am free from stress

I am relaxed and free from stress

Each day I become more peaceful

Releasing stress is easy

You can come up with more affirmations, and you should find what works for you.  You need to use them every day if you want to let go of negative thoughts that increase stress. Positive affirmations can help you become calmer, release tension, and finally, you will live a stress-free life.


If you want to deal with stress a healthy way, you always need to be in the present moment, do what you enjoy, and use positive self-talk. 

I hope you liked this article, and you will use these tips I gave you. 

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Until next time!

Linda Mo

Founder of How To Reduce Stress Naturally


  1. Hey Linda

    Fantastic article with some awesome tips here!

    If I was someone struggling with stress I would be glued to your site – it is excellent


    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Lawrence!
      Thanks! I meant a lot. I a glad you like it, and I hope you will return here in the future. 🙂

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