How To Start a New Hobby and Let go of Stress

Do you want to start a new hobby? How to start a new hobby and let go of stress while doing that?

Arrangement and CraftsYes, that’s the question that all want to ask. Right? Nowadays almost anybody suffers from chronic stress.

Maybe it’s strange to think about starting a new hobby to relieve stress. Is this really true?

Actually, having a hobby is not just some time filler, but it is much more than that.

If it can help you recover after a long stressful day, it is exactly what you need in your life to feel completed and relax.

If something excites you and gives you joy, then that activity reduces stress and boosts the quality of your life, dear friend. Who doesn’t want to experience something like that? The joy, the excitement, and love are what make this life worth living.

Knitting For Stress ReliefWe are not here to suffer all the time and fight chronic stress-related symptoms on our health, mood, and relationships. We aren’t here to just go to a job and make somebody rich.

We are here to be in joy, to be loved, and to experience this amazing opportunity to live on this beautiful planet.

In fact, sometimes it bothers me how little we know ourselves and what we need to do. It seems like somebody else is pulling the strings and we are just some dancing dolls in their reality.

Having a hobby that you enjoy can make a difference, but how to start a new hobby? How to start something new that we didn’t do before?

How to Start a New Hobby and Let Go of Stress?

I believe that it’s not easy to start something new. How can you do it? How to decide which hobby is great for you? You need to be passionate about something, but if you are not passionate about anything in your life?

Chess For Stress ReliefDon’t worry, because everybody has a passion, but maybe they don’t know it yet. If you don’t know what is it, you can always discover it.

Here you can find some tips on how to find out what you love to do and that can become your new hobby.

1. What did you enjoy when you were a kid?

When we are very young, we are more connected to ourselves, our inner being. That is a time when we enjoy ourselves doing what we love. For me, it was writing, drawing, acting and imagining new realities, and daydreaming. I still sometimes do these things and I enjoy them as much as I did when I was a kid.

What about you? What did you enjoy back then?

2. Choose something that will make you relax and forget about your stressful day

Human is reading a bookWhat is your perfect time alone? For me, it’s reading and walking. When I read, all my worries fall away.

In fact, reading a great book can become an amazing way to reduce stress for you too.

According to one study, you only need to read for 6 minutes to reduce stress levels by 68 %.

Of course, everyone can find their perfect way to reduce stress after work. Maybe it’s running when you feel renewed or listening to music. These are wonderful ways to say goodbye to stress even if it’s for a little while.

3. Did you have hobbies in the past?

Maybe you had hobbies in the past, but you somehow forgot about them. It is possible that you had a hobby like a project but you somehow swiftly forgot about it. For example, some years ago you tried to write a novel or story, but then something happened and your idea slipped from your mind.

PhotographerDid you enjoy taking photos during your trip? It could be fun if you take photography as your hobby.

If you want to reduce stress, looking for something beautiful everywhere you go, it’s a great way to let go of stressĀ and worry. Beauty will save the world. Right?

I am sure there is something that you started in the past, but not doing it today. That can become your hobby.


I hope now you know how to start a new hobby and let go of stress in the process. Starting something new can make life more interesting and in some cases relieve stress. Having a hobby it’s a great way to reduce stress, improve your mood and your well-being.

Do you have a hobby? What do you think about these tips to find a new hobby for yourself? Let me know below!

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Until next time!

Linda Mo

Founder of How To Reduce Stress Naturally

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