What Is True About Stress? – Things You Should Know

Do you know what is true about stress and what isn’t? Do you want to know more about stress?

What Is True About StressI can’t say that I hate stress, but it’s hard to stand it and feel everything that is related to stress. Recently, I read one article, and it was surprising to read. Why? Because the author of that post said that he loved stress. Loved stress? Really? For me, it feels strange but how is it for you? Maybe you strive for this feeling, for the rush. Possibly you want to feel urgency when you have to finish many projects at the same time. Or maybe you are addicted to stress. Oh, I don’t know if it is possible.

So What Is True About Stress?

What Is True About StressDo you know? We all struggle with stress from time to time. Some of us more, but either way we know the feeling when stress tries to destroy our lives. Right?

I read an article written by Deepak Chopra, and I agree with his opinion. It’s time to go back and revisit the basic facts about stress. We also need to look at the deeper, even mysterious issues related to stress. We will try to do this not only here, but we will touch these subjects in all my articles about stress relief tips. For example, we need to understand stress in spiritual terms, because stress doesn’t just impact our emotional or physical health. All our issues have a deeper meaning. But that is an article for another time.

Four Things You Should Know

There are things you should know about stress.

1. Everyone is affected by stress

What Is True About StressYou want it or not but you live in the world where stress is everywhere, and it becomes part of your life. Some of you live less stressful life, but others feel stress daily. Either way, you all feel stress from time to time.

It’s important how you react to stress. Do you recover from stressful events quickly or it takes time? Some people deal with stress better than others. How about you?

Stressors are different, for example, there are stressors with a short time or long time occurrence. It could be routine stress that is related to pressures of family, school or work. Stress also occurs when somebody loses their job. Do you know that sometimes people experience traumatic stress? What can be more stressful than living in war or major accident?

2. Not all stress is bad

Of course, stress isn’t bad even it seems that way. For example, stress can save lives in some situations because it causes you to fight or flee to safety. 

3. Chronic stress can harm your health

When the stress response goes on for too long, health problems can occur. People may feel stress in different ways. Some people experience headaches or digestive issues, but others may have sadness, sleeplessness or anger.

Continued stress can contribute to serious health problems, for example, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease or mental disorders. Do you know that stress is called the silent killer?

4. There are stress management methods that can help you deal with stress.

I am sure that all of you know that you can manage stress, and you all have different methods to do it. Right? Tell me about them. It seems like I am talking all the time.

What Does Stress Mean To Me?

What is true about stress for me?

There isn’t only one answer because stress is complex. Sometimes we hardly understand, what it means. I can’t fully explain, what is stress, and I can only describe how I feel. Usually, I feel very anxious, and there is some kind of urgency or rush.

What Is True About StressOf course, I know that stress will pass because it always does but still not a good feeling. Sometimes I am overacting a little, and nothing was so bad as in was in my head. As being happy is a choice (I believe), maybe being stress also is person’s decision and choice. I don’t know.

But what I understand that you can deal with stress and control what you think, worry less, and stress couldn’t be as bad as it’s in your mind. Sometimes it’s all about your mindset.

There were times when I was more stressed than I am today. Now I am more balanced (At least, I would like to think that I am) and grateful for what I have.


What Is True About StressStress is a complicated thing, and sometimes it’s not easy to understand what is true about stress and what isn’t. We don’t know everything about stress, and I am not sure if we ever will, but most of us know what stress means to us and how we are feeling, when stress strikes.

Do you know? How stress affects you? It isn’t the same for everybody, and we all have a different opinion and understanding of stress and everything else. Tell me how is it for you, and leave me comments below. 

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Linda Mo

Founder of How To Reduce Stress Naturally


  1. Penelope

    I will say that stress shows up for me the most physically. My shoulders climb up to my ears and tighten and feel like a sheild or armor rather than flesh and blood. My brain also experiences stress but it’s just most noteworthy in the body. There’s no doubt that a lifetime of this leads to disease and health challenges. Thanks for the thoughtful article!

  2. Stress is definitely a problem for me and seems to cause more harm than good most of the time. I experience it both mentally and physically and tend to get racing thoughts and sore muscles.

    One thing that works very well for me is deep breathing. I like physical methods more than mental methods such as meditation.

    Looking forward to hearing how stress affects us on a spiritual level!

    • Linda Mo

      I think that stress is a problem for many people. I also experience stress mentally and physically.

      Deep breathing helps me in many situations. Maybe I should write an article about it. 🙂

      I see. Thanks for reminding me to write that article!

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