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How Creativity Reduces StressPeople usually think that if they are stressed, they need to say goodbye to creativity and partly is true. Do you want to know how to reverse that and how creativity reduces stress? 

When are you most creative? Long walks on the beach or forest? When are you lying in bed and let your thoughts wander? 

You all know when you are more relaxed, you tend to be more creative with new ideas and it is like creative energy flows through you. 

Obviously, stress reduces your creativity and stress by its nature is destructive to you. I usually feel the same way, but sometimes life proves me wrong.


How Creativity Reduces StressNow you will be as surprised as I was, even if it is just a little bit. Recently I read amazing research about creativity and stress relief. As we know stress and creativity are strongly related.

If you are stressed, your creativity suffers, and you can even feel stuck and can’t solve problems. But there is a good news.

Actually, in this case, a reverse effect seems to be true: creative activity help to reduce stress and creativity is a powerful strategy against it.

This research was made by professor Teresa Amabile of Harvard, who wanted to know what makes people creative, happy and productive and how these things are related. There were 200 corporate employees, that kept daily work diaries. This research also proves that creativity increases productivity. Amazingly, right? A Very effective thing is creativity…


Actually, it is very simple. To engage in creative activities you need to focus, and stressful thoughts and feelings just go away, because you don’t have time for that. You are in the present moment and not worrying about the past or future. Stress just can’t reach you.


After reading this study, I realized that this is also true in my life. I just didn’t understand that before. I usually write a diary, and it helps me to clear my head. Sometimes I How Creativity Reduces Stress - My Painting "Red Moon"write a poem or even novel.

I love writing, and then I feel truly alive and full of creative energy. Of course, I forget all about stress when I write.

Stress and anxiety are like a distant memory from the world far, far away. Seriously? Is it Star Wars? No.

But when I take my brush, paints, canvas and start to paint, it almost feels like I am not just in another world or galaxy, but even in another Universe.

Both writing and painting bring me positive emotions, and I am the creator of the worlds. Hahaha. But seriously that feeling is amazing, and then I could say bye – bye to stress. For me, creative activities such as writing and especially painting are like meditation being here and now. 


How Creativity Reduces Stress

I hope now you understand how creativity reduces stress. Do you?

Humans are creative creatures by nature. I am sure that you all have some talent, some spark inside of you, even if you don’t think so. Maybe it is painting, drawing or writing. Maybe is something different. The most important thing is how that activity makes you feel. Joyful? Happy? Free of stress and worry? Peaceful?

Creativity is an amazing way to reduce stress. So let’s go out there and be creative! Be you!

What are your favorite creative activities? Please, write me comments and questions below, I would love to hear them.

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Be creative!


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  1. Great post about how creativity reduces stress, I agree with you about that. When I write in my diary or paint I feel as if nothing matters and it’s just me and my colors, I’d say that it is somewhat like meditating. When I am being creative my mind becomes calm.

  2. Donna Rowe

    I so agree with you on this! I find that when I am doing some type of craft project it takes me away from all of my negative thoughts or worries into a world that is just plain relaxing. It’s like being in another world. That is the best stress relief ever…so therapeutic!

    I think that the study about creative energy and how it can make people more productive make sense. Maybe it has to do with the fact that when you are creating something (painting, craft project) it makes you happy and happier people are more productive. I know I am.

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