Plants For Stress Relief – 5 Houseplants For Stress

Plants for stress relief? Houseplants for stress? Did you ever know that plants could be great for stress relief?

Here we will explore it more and talk about five nice houseplants that you can grow inside your home.

We all have experienced stress and some of us are more than others. Short-time stress is okay, but the problem is long-term stress, chronic stress when it becomes a silent killer and destroys our health, relationships, and basically our life.

There are many tools and ways how to deal with stress and make it go away. Nature is one of the best ways to reduce stress, make you feel better, and energize yourself.

Plants For Stress Relief

I believe we already know how important is to be in nature and that will help with stress relief and improving your mental health. Today we will talk about things that came from nature – plants.

A lot of plants are used in supplements or food to benefit our health, and make us more resistant to stress. 

Many people have gardens where they are planting trees and other plants. Gardening is another amazing tool for stress relief that we talked about it recently. 

It is very important to grow plants in your home because they can help you with improving air quality, dealing with stress, making you calmer, and more connected to nature, and offering other benefits.

5 Houseplants For Stress

Here you can read more about nice houseplants that you can grow inside of your home and enjoy the benefits they are offering. They can help you relax and reduce stress.

1. Lemon Tree

Usually, people don’t talk about growing lemon trees inside and this plant prefers to grow outside, of course. However, this is my favorite houseplant and I will start with this one.

For as long as I remember we had a lemon tree growing inside our house. We never lived in a place where lemon trees can grow outside all year long. Here cold winters can destroy your lemon trees or other plants that cannot withstand cold.

That was my grandfather’s tree that he got as a reward after helping someone fix their car. It had nice green leaves all year long and a beautiful aroma when the lemon tree blossomed. After that amazing yellow fruits came and needed many months to get ready to eat. 

One time it almost died, lost all leaves, and was not growing for months until we as kids took it out in summer and watered and cared for it.

A miracle happened, it came back with new sprouts from the trunk. It woke up from the coma, it seemed. Those are amazing memories of my childhood.

Now the old tree is dead, but we have new small lemon trees that we are growing inside our homes. The leaves are so full of aroma when touched and new blossoms come to make you smile and enjoy the innocence and its sweet fragrance that makes you calmer and relaxed. 

2. Peace Lily

I never had this plant growing in the place I live, but I have read great things about it.

NASA said that Peace Lily is one of the most effective plants that filter harmful pollutants and toxins from the air.

This plant can reduce toxic household chemicals and get rid of mold spores that could irritation to your throat and eyes.


3. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is another plant that can help purify the air and emits oxygen and that way it is great to have it at home.

One of the ways to reduce stress is sleep and you can get better sleep if the air is purified. 

This plant is also good for bug bites, sunburns, and your skin. 

4. Rosemary

This is a great plant to have in your home because you can use it for cooking and it is also great for stress relief.

This herb purifies the air in the house and air quality has a big impact on focus, mood, and stress. 

It is amazing to have rosemary in your home. I have a few rosemary plants in small pots and I wanted to replant them in the garden. But later decided that I will grow them in my flat. 

5. Snake plant

This plant is one of the best stress-relieving plants, they say, and great for not only your home but also office space. It is also an amazing plant for improving the air quality and that way you can sleep better, rest, relax, and reduce your stress. 


Today we talked about plants for stress relief and explored five houseplants that could be ideal for your house and make you feel better.

These plants could be really great additions to your home and offer some benefits like improving air quality, being used for cooking, aromatherapy, and reducing stress.

What do you think about this article and these houseplants? Do have houseplants? What are your favorite houseplants that are good for stress relief? Please let me know in the comment section below!

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