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What Is Zentangle ArtHi, everyone! How are you feeling on this fine day? Do you want to know some interesting art therapy techniques to reduce stress? Today I will talk about what is Zentangle art and how can it help you. I am sure you are curious now, and that it’s why you are here. So let’s begin! 


Before I wrote an article about creative activities that can help to reduce stress, I didn’t know about Zentangle art and this method. After reading a little about it, I was amazed and decided, that I need to explore this topic further and publish an article about Zentangle art.


What Is Zentangle ArtThe Zentangle art is method and form was created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts.

So what is this method I am talking about?

Zentangles are pieces of unplanned and abstract art, and there is a special method to create it. Usually, Zentangles are black and white, but I encourage you to color your art pieces because I know how important are colors for our well-being. For example, blue makes you calm, and it’s good for your eyesight.  Colors just brighten your day. Don’t you think?

How To Start?

Firstly, you should know about the Zentangle art format which is a square (“tile”) – 9 cm x 9 cm (3.5 inches square), and you need to choose a high-quality paper, that is individually diet-cut printmaking paper. As you can it this square is small enough to finish in a short time. But if you choose another format for your Zentangle art is called “Zentangle-inspired” creation. If you want, you also can make an amazing mosaic from Zentangle art tiles.

Process as a Ceremony

What Is Zentangle ArtThe process of Zentangle drawing is like a ceremony. Firstly, you need to be in the present moment, relax and breathe deeply. 

A freeform (board and string) you draw using a light pencil. You create a freeform shape into which one you draw intricate non-objective patterns called tangles. 

I like that you don’t need anything else, but only your pen. No rulers, straight edges or other mechanical aids. It seems liberating. Sadly, I never tried it, but I would love to and will. Soon.

Oh.. it was hard to explain and a little bit stressing. 🙂 So much for talking about stress relief! Okay, jokes aside. If you want to know how looks this Zentangle drawing, you can check the video below. Maybe you want to read more, so go ahead and check these sites.


Video created by youtube user Sea Lemon


Why Is Zentangle Art Something Beautiful? 

  • + Zentangle is unplanned, and its results come as a surprise to you.
  • + It can be viewed from any direction.
  • + This is abstract art.
  • + You can draw with either hand.
  • + Sometimes you only need 15 minutes to finish your Zentangle drawing.
  • + Zentagnle art isn’t limited by technology, which is good because we became so dependent on technology. 


What Is Zentangle ArtThere are benefits of Zentangle art that you should know. This method is good for your well-being and stress reduction.

1.You can explore your creativity because options and pattern combinations are boundless. This method increases focus and creativity. We all know by now that creative activities relieve stress.

2. Zentangle art is like a meditation that can help you to connect with your inner self and let you find more peace in every given situation. It is a quick access to mindfulness because when you draw, you are in the present moment.

3. It’s fun and relaxing. I believe Zentangle art is an enjoyable experience without dogma and costs.

4. Zentangle art can inspire you and relieve stress. 


What Is Zentangle ArtDid you know that you need to learn this method from Certified Zentangle teacher if you want to do this properly? Yes, at first I was a little bit surprised because there are courses and books. I thought why I need somebody to teach me if I can teach myself using books.

But then I understood that people who created this drawing style want you to learn the correct way to do it. I believe that if you create or invent something, you would want to do the same thing. They are sure that uncertified person can’t give you an authentic experience.

The bad thing about Zentangle classes is that sometimes the teacher isn’t qualified to do it, and you need to be careful. You don’t want to spend your money on something less. The same thing applies to books. Before you buy a book about Zentangle, check if the authors are Certified Zentangle Teachers. 


What Is Zentangle Art

I hope I gave you a new and an interesting idea that can help you to reduce stress, explore your creativity and find more peace in your life.

So what do you think about Zentangle art? Do you want to try it for yourself? Or maybe you want to know a little bit more before trying. Does Zentangle art help with stress relief? I believe it does, and this method can give you much more. 

So, my dear reader, now I would love to receive your comments, suggestions, and questions. Would you give me that honor? 🙂 It’s much more interesting to write if we have a conversation.


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Thank you for reading!

Until next time! Be safe and happy!

Linda Mo

Founder of How To Reduce Stress Naturally


  1. It is really interesting about zentangle art..many of my own drawings look like this..and people told me years ago that i should submit my pieces for adult coloring books..and who knew that adult coloring books would be such an incredible business?
    thank you for publishing this..
    great job

  2. Hi Linda,

    I found your post interesting! It looks like something that one could do when they are in a airport or doctors office! Something where you have time and are looking for something constructive to do instead of reading an old magazine! Next tie I plan a trip or go to the doctors office where i am waiting, I will bring some paper and a pencil!

    PS, I know this is not related to the article, but I liked your opening page to your website, it caught my attention!


    • Linda Mo

      Hi, Tim! Thanks! It’s great to read your words. 🙂 I agree that Zentangle drawing you can do when you are waiting for something.

      Thanks! But that is the picture from my other blog post. Maybe I will incorporate it into my website that people who visit my site always see it. Thanks for an idea!

  3. Hi Linda,
    I have always liked these kinds of detailed, intricate designs. I didn’t know what these were called though. I also love the first colored example you show with the blue and green colors. Those are my favorites!
    So soothing and serene.


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